Doug Ford Is The Only Candidate Who Believes People Should Keep The Money They’ve Earned

Both Wynne and Horwath think taxpayers money belongs to the politicians, instead of those who worked for that money in the first place.

With the media elites doing their best to take down Doug Ford by parroting the messages of Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath and pushing phony scandals, the truth is that Doug Ford is the only candidate for Ontario Premier who actually believes people should keep the money they have earned.

By contrast, Wynne and Horwath believe that they know better how to spend money than the people who made it.

It’s a big difference, and it’s the most fundamental difference of the election campaign.

In a free society, we are supposed to be able to keep as much of our money as possible, giving money to the government only when it’s absolutely necessary for them to provide essential services.

That means the government should always be focused on being as efficient as possible, avoid going into debt, and keeping taxes as low as possible.

But instead, with people like Wynne and Horwath, they are constantly thinking of ways to expand the government’s power, and they feel entitled to take away more and more taxpayers money to do it.

Meanwhile, Ford puts the interests of taxpayers above the interests of government – which is how things are supposed to be in a democratic system.

Unfortunately, much of the media wants to see a bigger and more powerful government, and have an elitist attitude that distrusts taxpayers. As a result, they seek to take down candidates like Ford, while propping up candidates like Wynne and Horwath.

That’s why it’s essential to look past all the short-term headlines, and recognize that only Doug Ford can restore the respect for taxpayers that is supposed to be the core of a free society.

People should be free to achieve their own dreams, not have their pockets raided to fulfill the dreams of politicians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Alci B

Doug Ford is our only hope , the others will destroy Canada. They are pillagers and it’s time Canadians took this seriously . It’s your future, your children and grandchildren, so on . Wake up Canada !


You say things so well Spencer, that is what our governments originally did, way back before the original Pierre Trudeau, he was very tax and spend and the media played right along ignoring what was happening to our country. now some people are noticing. That is why we need more Spencer Fernandoo’s to be main stream.
We need Doug Ford, in Ontario and we need grass roots federally, no surprise but we still don’t know about Andrew Schere and his vision for Canada, hopefully like Mr. Harper’s.

don morris

I hope Ford can win, but the media has started a full out campaign against him,full of fear mongering innuendo, the worst and latest, shockingly, comes from Christie Blatchford at NP,who positively swoons over Kathleen Wynne.