Trudeau Faces Growing Criticism For Failing To Condemn Hamas

Despite the fact that Hamas instigated the violence and the majority of those killed were Hamas fighters, Justin Trudeau ignored the terrorist group and condemned Israel instead.

Justin Trudeau is facing growing criticism after he failed to condemn the Hamas terrorist group that instigated the recent violence at the Israel-Gaza border.

Instead, Trudeau totally ignored Hamas, and condemned the Israeli Defence Forces.

Here’s what Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said about Trudeau’s comments:

“Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians on the international stage once again by ignoring the role Hamas has played in igniting the situation in Gaza. My statement:

The clashes in the Gaza Strip have resulted in the loss of dozens of lives, and injuries to many more. Among those injured is a Canadian citizen, Dr. Tarek Loubani. We hope for his quick recovery, and wish to see the circumstances of his injury investigated promptly and fully. Canada’s Conservatives are saddened by the loss of lives in this conflict, knowing well that many have been led into this situation by Hamas – a terrorist organization that places no value on human life.

In condemning the Israeli forces, Justin Trudeau ignores the role that the terrorist organization Hamas has played in inciting these clashes. In responding to these events with nothing but criticism of Israel, Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians on the international stage once again.

Reports have indicated that armed members of Hamas’ security forces were among those who have attempted to breach the Israeli border, and were among those killed in clashes with the IDF. Hamas’ actions are sadly typical of an organization with a well-documented record of carrying out terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in Israel and brutally repressing dissent among the people they govern.

We also call on Israel to take every possible precaution to ensure that unarmed people are not harmed as Israeli soldiers exercise Israel’s right to defend its borders.”

Many others are criticizing Trudeau as well:

“We are deeply disappointed by statement today, which absolves Hamas of responsibility for situation in Gaza. This statement shows complete disregard for the enourmous threat Hamas poses to Israeli lives.”

“Yesterday Justin Trudeau failed to acknowledge that it is Hamas – not Israel – that is responsible for the current violence on the Gaza-Israel border. Take Action – Tell Canada that ignoring Hamas is unacceptable.”

check yourself before you issue a communication statement. 50 of the “innocent Palestinians” are terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations who tried to infiltrate into Israeli territory to carry out killing and sabotage campaigns in Israel”

“I’m extremely disappointed in Canada’s failure to acknowledge Hamas as the driver of the orchestrated violence on the Israel-Gaza border. @JustinTrudeau, are you aware that Hamas uses violence as a PR strategy to isolate Israel on the world stage?”

“Naturally, you fail to acknowledge that Hamas is INVADING the only democracy in the ME using small children as human shields. Hamas asked for it!”

“Hi , now that we know at least 53 of those killed in violence were terrorists (as admitted by Hamas), will , as friend of Israel, withdraw accusation of ‘excessive force’ in light of this development? cc.

Trudeau sides with the enemy

Yet again, Trudeau takes the side of terrorists, and goes against a democratic nation that believes in freedom. If Trudeau isn’t willing to stand up for countries that share Canada’s values, it’s no surprise that he’s trying to destroy those values here at home.

Spencer Fernando

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