Trudeau Liberal MP Raj Grewal Facing Conflict Of Interest Investigation

More ethics troubles for the Trudeau Liberals.

Liberal MP Raj Grewal will be facing a conflict of interest investigation, the latest in a long line of ethical troubles for the Trudeau Liberals.

According to the National Post, “I have determined that an inquiry under the (Conflict of Interest) Code is warranted,” Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion said in a “confidential” letter to NDP MP Charlie Angus on Thursday, obtained by the National Post. “I am commencing an inquiry and have so informed Mr. Grewal. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.”’

Grewal had invited someone to whom he provides legal services – construction company CEO Yusuf Yenilmez – to dinner at a reception with Justin Trudeau in India.

Because of Grewal’s current connection to Yenilmez, Charlie Angus saw the issue as a potential conflict of interest, and raised concerns with the ethics commissioner.

The investigation is the latest in a long series of ethical troubles for the Trudeau government, who came to office promising the most “open and transparent” government in history.

Instead, they’ve delivered the exact opposite, making it tougher for the public to access documents, hiding information, lying to the public repeatedly, and having the first PM in history to be found in violation of an ethics statute after Trudeau was found in violation of four of them for his Aga Khan billionaire island trip.

So, this is far from the first, and certainly won’t be the last ethical problem faced by this dishonest and deceptive government.

Unfortunately for Canadians, the system is rigged in favour of those in power. Even after violating four ethics rules, Justin Trudeau didn’t even get fined. As a result, even if Grewal is found to have broken the rules, his ‘punishment’ will likely be either slap on the wrist, or nothing at all.

That means justice will have to come at the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

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Shawn Harris

This comes as no surprise as Trudeau himself has set the standard for violating the ethics that are required to be upheld by every member of Parliament. In fact Trudeau could be called the most prolific of violators when it comes to ethics. Since he sees no shame in lying to the public, even in the house of commons. So one of his backbenchers is caught doing the same things as Trudeau, this man is only following the same pattern set down by Trudeau and more than likely won’t be heard from again, as he poses no real threat of… Read more »


How can he be held to account when his own leader justin trudeau and Bill moneau have violated ethic rules yet are standing in the HOC without being asked to step down?
The Ndp amaze me, they were all over Cpc party demanding one of mps to step down on frivolous nonsense.
Angus is doing this for votes but does he actually mean what he says… NO. WHY? because, believe it or not, they ndp and libs work together on many issues while both blame the cpc for everything.