WATCH: Morneau Says Asking How Much Carbon Tax Will Cost Canadians Is “The Wrong Question”

Morneau wants the authority to impose a tax before we even know how much it will cost us.

During a recent meeting of the standing committee on finance, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre asked Bill Morneau how much the carbon tax would cost Canadian families.

He asked if it would cost families over $500.

He asked it if would cost families over $1000.

He asked if it would cost families over $2000.

And every time, Morneau refused to answer.

At one point, Morneau even made the amazingly arrogant comment that asking how much the carbon tax will cost families is “the wrong question.”

That sums up Morneau’s total elitist attitude. He demands the power to impose a tax on all of us, while refusing to tell us how much it will cost us, and then says that even asking about the cost is “the wrong question.”

Watch the exchange in the video below:

After Morneau dodged the questions, you can see how Paul Rochon from the department of finance also refused to say how much the cost would be, arrogantly refusing to provide details on a department of finance document that blacked out the data on what the carbon tax would cost families.

Clearly, orders have been given throughout the government from the PMO to hide the cost of the carbon tax from Canadians, because the Trudeau government is terrified of the political damage they will suffer if that cost is fully revealed.

It’s a disturbing moment for our country, because a government that demands the right to tax the people without telling how much that tax will cost is a government prepared to spit in the face of democracy and accountability.

Spencer Fernando

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