As Illegal Border Crossings Continue, Toronto Asks For More Money To Handle Shelter Shortage

Toronto Mayor John Tory says ‘refugee’ claimants will soon make up over half of those using shelters in Toronto. Imagine if Andrea Horwath’s ‘sanctuary province’ proposal happens…

The continued surge of illegal border crossers is putting an increased strain on the Toronto shelter system, and the city is now asking for help.

According to the CP, “The mayor of Toronto says the city will need to open an emergency reception centre over the next seven days to deal with an influx of refugees claimants. The federal and Ontario governments should take action to relieve the growing pressure refugee claimants are putting on the city’s shelter system, John Tory said Friday, as he asked for support on the issue.”

The report notes “Tory said he’s looking for a number of things from Ottawa and the province, including co-ordination and leadership to help with the immediate placement of new arrivals outside of the city’s shelter system.”

Tory is asking for $64.5 million in cost reimbursement from the government, and wants staff from either the provincial or federal government to manage the placement of claimants.

Meanwhile, Andrea Horwath – currently in second place in the Ontario election – wants the entire province to be a ‘sanctuary province,’ which would make the current shelter shortage look like a walk in the park.

Of course, every dollar spent dealing with illegal border crossers is a dollar that can’t be spent helping those the government is actually supposed to be serving: Canadian citizens.

With many citizens still living in poverty, homelessness on the rise, and Veterans going without the help they need, many are disturbed to see how much money is being spent on those who have violated Canada’s laws and crossed into our country illegally. It’s a totally broken set of priorities.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau is an absolute POS. Why hasn’t he been removed. Why are my tax dollars being spent on illegals , when Trudeau stated clearly to the veterans – they were asking for too much. As for John Tory, he is an enabler. Don’t accept the illegals, cart their asses back to the border, refuse to feed and house them. I am so angry.




The Canadians without need to be looked after first, get them into homes and fed first, then the illegals can stay where the Canadian homeless stayed???? makes sense to me if we need to keep them at all. We need to get Canada back together first, before taking on Lieberal/NDP problems. Let them use their own personal money to settle the people they invited to this country so far in debt and taxed so high with wasteful greedy rich running their Lieberal/NDP party agendas, division and chaos. This country is not the place for them to come now as we… Read more »


No more money. Send the illegals toevery liberalnane ndp mps’ home and offices and to justin trudeau palace; to every media outlets and to reporters homes and offices. LET THEM ALL TEND TO THEIR ILLEGALS AND LEAVE US ALONE.

Major Tom

Why isn’t the individual who authorized illegal border crossings arrested and prosecuted?
Is Canada now a police state with no rule of law?

Chaz Martel

You want to deal with the problem of housing for the illegal economic migrants the Liberals and NDP facetiously call ‘refugees’? Make a list of every liberal elite who decided to foist this mess on ordinary Canadians. Then, force them to house and feed these illegals in their own residences; until such time as these illegals can house and feed themselves, or what’s better, go the hell back to where they belong.


It’s time for the RCMP to get some balls and stop these people crossing over. What can Trudeau do to you? What did he threaten you with? Where is your concience and what did he tell you that you have now turned into a bunch of puppets. You trained to protect us , not those border jumpers. This goes for the Army as well. You guys have more power than you think. Start doing your job , you have the country backing you….


And by the way, we do not want to take any border jumpers out west. You dug your hole , now sit in it. It is not our problem.
I have vented and feel a bit better…

Moe S.

Here is one to push you further down the rabbit hole. Conservative Minister of Immigration critic Michelle Remple asked the Liberals how many illegal immigrants crossed into Canada for the month of April? ALL 12 Liberal government departments could NOT tell Remple the total number of illegal border crossers just for April. However, border & custom security agents are being moved from Toronto Pearson International airport to help process illegal border crossers in Quebec. CBSA (Canadian Border Services) will ‘hire students’ to help process international passengers at Toronto’s airport. So, Gov’t takes away the border security agents who process people… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Tory brought this upon himself!! Trudeau needs to be forced to resign NOW!!!

Elizabeth Thorne

Justine has sent the signal, do whatever the hell you want in Canada, we have no laws. I want ten million dollars for all the pain and suffering this moron has caused me.


It is not like we are dealing with people who have endured a tsunami or some catastrophic natural events. These illegal immigrants come from the States, a country that has neither a catastrophic event going or a war. In the meantime, the government takes our money to host illegal immigrants when we had the clear understanding that those funds were for helping Canadians in this country who need healthcare, shelter and other assistance. We are being abused and used by a government who pays itself lavishly and is borrowing way past reasonable limits to satisfy its anti-Canadian agenda.


The philosophy which is being advanced by certain left wing professors is the concept of a ‘WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS’. This concept of a World Utopia is naiive and fuelled by uneducated fanatacism. A country without borders isn’t and can’t remain a country.Enforcing legal only inmigration is at the top of the list to survive as a coubtry. Canada’s social services will soon collapse under the pressure of people entering here under lawless and chaotic governance.


Treudope subscribes to the Utopian dream of a borderless world and a borderless country. A country without borders is not a country anymore. Canada’s social programs wiill not exist much longer … all extra funds are going into illegal border crossers. Trudeau actually invited this problem and is virtue signalling to the world.