Canada “Becoming A Laughing Stock In The World” With Trans Mountain Crisis Says Former Ambassador

Derek Burney, former Canadian Ambassador to the United States says “We can’t live with this kind of uncertainty in Canada.”

In the wake of the Trudeau government’s indemnity ‘plan’ for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, a growing chorus of voices are heavily criticizing the situation our country finds ourselves in.

Here’s what former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Derek Burney told BNN Bloomberg:

“We can’t live with this kind of uncertainty in Canada. We can’t build a major infrastructure project in Canada for what should be our prime asset. We are an energy producing country – we should recognize that fact and pull together as a nation and get it happening … It makes no sense whatsoever if the federal government cannot impose its will and legislate in every way to have an interprovincial pipeline built in the country. We simply have to get our act together on these matters because we’re becoming a laughing stock in the world.”

A former TransCanada executive VP said “Of course it’s a sad commentary about how our regulatory, judicial and political systems work – that such an indemnity has become necessary.”

Former Encana CEO Gwyn Morgan noted that the indemnity proposed by Morneau still leaves lots of uncertainty:

“But he didn’t say he would also protect them from court cases filed by the First Nations, local protestors and municipal behaviours that could also really disrupt the pipeline. If I’m Kinder Morgan, I want protection from everything that could cause escalations in this project.”’

The head of Goodreid Investment Counsel Gordon Reid lamented the fact that Canada is now facing perceptions of political instability:

“This is about reputational risk. This is going to make other companies, other projects all pause and say, ‘What if?’”

“Before, that ‘What if?’ was dismissed because it’s Canada, it’s stable. Not so much anymore. I think we need strong political leadership here and, personally, I don’t think we’re getting it.”

Weak leadership creates chaos

Leadership without toughness isn’t leadership at all. Even though the federal government has the authority to ensure the pipeline project goes forward, their weakness has sent the message that the rule of law can be ignored. As a result, Canada is becoming a more divided and chaotic place, and this is sending a terrible message to investors both inside Canada, and around the world.

The people quoted above – along with many others – are issuing warnings about the consequences of weak leadership, but those warnings are so far being ignored by the Trudeau government. That means we’re all going to end up paying the price for the fact that the government refuses to act in Canada’s national interest.

Spencer Fernando

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If some are going to give our jobs away in so called free trade, the the Gov. of Canada needs income, as do the provinces, sad that in Montreal and Quebec and in Alberta and in BC they do not seem to understand as much as they should. Some forget about the importance of a country balancing its trade balance. Oil imports, tourism, so called new Canadians who are glad to ship our dollars out in billions every year including the show birds!! And how they all should have done their jobs better for all Canadians!! BC who talks of… Read more »

Alci B

Glad to hear Canada has become the laughing stock of the world because of Trudeau
Who voted for this anyway ?
When he gets his seat in the UN , the UN will then be the laughing stock of the world .


The UN is already the laughing stock of the world.


Or the moratorium of oil tankers on half of the BC coast law they said they will pass, even if the oil can get to the coast???? We definitely need a real Canadian government, not the countries divide and destroy, lying foreign fake government that we are stuck with.
Thank you again Spencer for your wonderful truthful writing abilities, that will certainly help Canada if it was front page news, where it should be.

Clive Edwards

So does this mean tankers taking oil from Alaska to Washington won’t be allowed to pass? How about the tankers bringing Saudi oil across the Atlantic to Eastern Canada? Enquiring minds in Alberta want to know….


Actually Clive they supposedly just oked BP to start drilling off the coast of Nova Scotia and foreign oil does not have carbon tax on it, and they take tankers right up the St. Laurence for Quebec’s refinery, so I have read. It is still very hard to get the real facts though, which is why I love the real truthful Spencer Fernando columns.

Shawn Harris

Of all the important issues that a leader must face and confront is the economy. Our prime minister must be able to convey a message of confidence and strength to our country and foreign investors and businessmen. Otherwise he looks weak and incapable of making decisive actions and decisions. Trudeau and Morneau both appear to lack the ability to delivery serious and wisely thought out decisions . They are both driven and guided by ideology, that dictates what they see and want as the perfect outcome,rather than listen to experienced business leaders, economists, academics and what investors are saying to… Read more »


His Mocking God and his ways is what makes me sick…

Vlad Tepes

I clicked this story half expecting to read about a mountain that identified as a valley or ravine.


The laughing stock is Trudeau and the incompetents running our country! How long are Canadians going to sit on their hands and let this bunch of buffoons ruin our country. Canadians need to write their MP’s and show up enmass demanding the resignation of everyone of the entire gov’t.

Kenneth Oblak

Yes, but when? I have been hearing this call to battle ever since day one. We talk a good game, but everyone , including politicos do nothing, meanwhile the counry is being reduce to a mere shell of it;s former self.


Trudeau acts as an Greens Leader not as a Liberal Leader, Liberals are suppose to be pro big business, zero deficits and place the Canadian economy first place, Trudeau imports tens of thousands of unskilled people who don’t want to work, Where as a Liberal leader would import skilled labour. Seriously the Liberal party needs to have a leadership vote and replace this Idiot.


This is a good time to separate from Canada inc… TRudeau will end up prime minister of Ottawa only…


Regarding KM’s pipeline this article is quite informative

Jonathan Brynat

Sad to say that in 12 days we will have lost yet another pipeline and the ability to create thousand of much needed jobs. So much for Turdo being for the middle class and those working hard to join it. I wont be surprised if KM sues our asses off in court over this.

russ browne

The solution to this problem is to build refineries on the north west coast of British Columbia and then used trains to transport the bitumen from Alberta, if a train derailment happens then it is easy to clean up the bitumen with front end loaders as it is thick like asphalt. This would solve the worry of a spill of dilbit (diluted bitument for pipeline movement) which if spilled in the ocean sinks to the bottom as wrecks the environment for decades whereas refined crude oil floats and can more easily be mopped up in the unlikely but possible event… Read more »

Leslie Magnuson

Alberta needs to leave, the rest of Canada is content to sit on its ass and contribute nothing or close to nothing, no reason for Alberta to put up with this