Even As He Blames Others, Trudeau Is Using Identity Politics To Divide The Canadian People

Trudeau is willing to risk tearing Canada apart, so long as he thinks it will provide him some political advantage.

As many have pointed out, Justin Trudeau’s recent speech to New York University graduates was among the most hypocritical of all time.

Aside from his horrible comparison of climate change skeptics with advocates of female genital mutilation, Trudeau also pathetically condemned identity politics and nationalism – ignoring the fact that nationalism is the only thing that can truly unite a diverse country – and ignoring the fact that he has been the biggest pusher of destructive identity politics in Canadian history.

As we know, behind the “Sunny Ways” mask, Trudeau’s entire political approach is based on dividing Canadians by demonizing those who disagree with him.

He, and his ministers have attacked Patriotic Canadians as “racists,” “deniers,” “islamophobes,” “bigots,” “neanderthals,” and more.

He has placed the interests of foreign countries ahead of our own citizens. He has refused to eliminate ISIS fighters overseas, instead letting them come back to Canada for “re-integration.”

He has hit Canadians with a carbon tax that makes everything more expensive, all so he can virtue-signal on the world stage.

He has imposed restrictions on funding for people who disagree with him, a blatant misuse of government power.

He has shown a total double-standard in his treatment of B.C.’s NDP-green government, by giving them $4.1 billion in infrastructure funds after they ignored federal law to block the Trans Mountain expansion, while punishing Saskatchewan for opposing the carbon tax.

He uses Alberta as a cash-cow, while hitting the energy industry with destructive regulations that have crushed tens of billions of dollars in investment.

And he has lied repeatedly, broken promises all over the place, and put up a fake front on the international stage to distract from his contempt for millions of Canadians.

When he’s called out on any of those things, he uses identity politics to demonize those who disagree with him, bringing up all the attacks I mentioned above. Rather than see his opponents as fellow Canadians with a different viewpoint, he sees them as enemies.

He doesn’t even accept his opponents having the identity of Canadian Patriots.

Unfortunately, that attitude is having the predictable effect of making the Trudeau government the enemy of millions of Patriotic Canadians.

As a result, Canada is now more divided than we have been in decades, and there is tremendous anger throughout our country.

Yet, Trudeau doesn’t care about any of that, so long as he thinks he can benefit from it politically. The more desperate he gets, the more he seeks to divide the Canadian people and weaken our already-faltering national unity.

So, when Trudeau tries to criticize “identity politics,” it’s yet another example of how he’s willing to say anything to blame other people for the consequences of his own actions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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