Horwath NDP Candidates Caught Blaming Bush For 9/11 & Calling For Kathleen Wynne To Be Jailed

Will Horwath hold those candidates to the same standard as PC candidates who made controversial statements? Doubtful.

After joining the Wynne Liberals in a desperate attempt to attack the PCs by dredging up old social media comments made by a few candidates, the Ontario NDP are facing questions about some of their own candidates.

As reported by iPolitics, candidate Dwayne Morgan blamed former U.S. President George W. Bush for the September 11 attacks, saying “Now if they could do something about Bush’s role in 9/11, people could finally get closure.”

The NDP appear to have accepted his apology for that and other controversial tweets, and are not calling on him to resign.

NDP candidate Glen Archer is also facing criticism after saying Kathleen Wynne “should be in prison,” yet even though Andrea Horwath tried attacking Ford over people saying similar things (which Ford totally disavowed), it seems she won’t be removing Archer either.

Additionally, Horwath has apparently not yet disavowed those comments, showing the same kind of hypocrisy as Kathleen Wynne who demanded that PC candidates resign for controversial statements, only to refuse to get rid of candidates on her team with their own controversies.

Clearly, the closer people look at the Ontario NDP candidates, the more far-left radical extremism people are finding.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tommy Hawk

And that reality, sir, can come as no surprise to anyone with a working brain.


Some in the major western media need to more open do they not? Please allow me to ask this first? Now was there a Tiananmen Massacre? NO. Thanks to Wikileaks we know that do we not!? And there are witnesses, people who were in Beijing who tried to tell the truth were there not!? Including at least one major US respected journalist..Now for 9/11!? A cruel fairy tale!? No, I think not!! But a very sad story of deceit!!~Those buildings did not collapse from 2 airplanes hitting them. One day the truth will be told. I had hoped that Trump… Read more »


There is actually an investigation into whether the fact of the father and son Bush duo being implicated alongside other liberalists in 9/11. This is one of the sealed indictments that may be opened this year. This is fact.

Ralph Knapp

As some would say, never let the facts get in the way of an alternative conspiracy theory.