Hypocrisy: After Telling PC Candidates To Resign, Kathleen Wynne Sticks With 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

“Do as I say, not as I do” seems to be Kathleen Wynne’s message to Ontarians.

The desperate Wynne-Liberals have recently been attacking Ontario PC candidates for controversial social media posts, demanding that those candidates step down.

Yet, it seems Kathleen Wynne isn’t willing to follow those same rules.

As reported by iPolitics, it recently emerged that Liberal MPP candidate Amanda Yeung Collucci had said about the September 11 attacks, “911, was it really a terrorist attack or another conspiracy for cover up? As soon as it happened back in 2001, I thought: ‘how can the US Defense be so weak? I thought the US had LET it happen so they can declare war.”

Collucci had also linked to video and later said “after watching this video, it really make me think: “what is the real story behind 911?”

Additionally, iPolitics says Collucci “used fake pictures in testimonials.”

Interestingly, Collucci’s campaign signs don’t feature the name ‘Liberal’ on them, a sign of how unpopular the Wynne-led party has become.

Yet, despite Collucci’s conspiracy comments and fake testimonials, Wynne isn’t making her resign.

Instead, Wynne accepted her apology, and the report notes “Liberal Campaign Co-Chair Deb Matthews said she will make a “great” MPP.”

This hypocrisy is a big part of why Kathleen Wynne is so unpopular. She expects everyone else to play by rules from which she exempts herself and her party from – an example of total elitist arrogance.

After all the lies and all the hypocrisy, why should anyone believe anything that Wynne or her party says anymore?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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