POLL: Ford PCs Retain Strong Lead, NDP In Second Place

The Wynne Liberals are far behind.

A new Mainstreet Research Poll shows the Ontario PCs retaining a strong lead, with the NDP in second place. Meanwhile, the Liberals remain far behind in third.

Here are the key numbers:

PCs 41.9%, NDP 29.3%, Liberals 22.3%, Greens 5%.

Mainstreet Research CEO Quito Maggi said “What we find from this poll and our daily tracking is that the progressive vote in Ontario is trying to make up its collective mind about whether to support the NDP and the Liberals, although the NDP so far have the edge. The PCs are still well poised to form government even though they are facing stiff competition from the Liberals in Toronto and the NDP in the North.”

Going deeper into the numbers, the PCs have 35.8% in Toronto, with the Liberals in second place with 33.2%.

In the East, the PCs have 42.2%, with the NDP at 25.2% and the Liberals at 24.6%.

The NDP are way ahead of the Liberals in both South Central Ontario (33.1% to 15.2%) and Southwestern Ontario (35.1% to 10.1%). The PCs lead in both regions with 43% and 46.6% respectively.

And in the vote-rich GTA, the PCs have a very strong lead with 44.1% to the NDP at 28.1%. The Liberals are way back there with 23.3%.

Overall, these are good numbers for the PCs, but they can’t get complacent. The elitist media and corrupt establishment are already trying to take Ford down with lies and made up controversies, and PC voters will need to turn out in strong numbers to counteract the anti-Ford propaganda.

Read more about the Mainstreet Research poll here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter