Terrible: ‘Marxist’ NDP Candidate Called Remembrance Day “Collective Brainwashing,” Attacked “Fake Poppy”

Will Andrea Horwath disavow this far-left extremist?

The Ontario NDP under Andrea Horwath are trying to pretend that they are a moderate political party.

They’re not.

It’s a cover for what truly lurks beneath the surface with the NDP: Far-left radicalism.

And now, Toronto Sun Journalist Joe Warmington has uncovered comments made by Laura Kaminker – the Ontario NDP candidate for Mississauga Centre.

Here’s what Kaminker said about Remembrance Day:

“I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over. When our masters give the signal, everyone can take off the fake poppy — made with prison labour — and create a bit more landfill. And another annual ritual of war glorification comes to a close.”

Warmington points out that Kaminker “refers to veterans as “heroes” in quotation marks and asks is “every ‘hero’ honoured, every flag waved, every resounding exhortation about the troops ‘protecting our way of life,’ is a conscious act, and a political one.”

She also seemed tired with people talking about September 11, saying “enough already.”

And is if that isn’t all bad enough, Warmington points out that she once talked about “Marxism 2011 program notes” from a conference she described as a “weekend of inspiration, education, and revolution.”

Kaminker is originally from the United States.

Warmington points out that Kaminker’s comments are from many years back, and that she shouldn’t be disqualified based on what she said in the past given that she was democratically nominated.

That said, both the Ontario NDP and Ontario Liberals have been attacking PC candidates and demanding that they step down, so why should the NDP get to play by different rules? Either candidates are given the chance to make mistakes and grow as human beings, or all candidates with controversies get booted.

Having different standards for different parties is disgraceful.

People are rightfully angry about Kaminker’s comments, as the freedom she has to speak her mind and run for office only exists because of the sacrifices made by those we honour on Remembrance Day.

And Andrea Horwath has bigger questions to answer as well. How could anyone trust giving power to a party with ‘Marxist’ candidates that attack the remembrance of our troops?

There is now zero doubt that the Horwath NDP are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, trying to hide an extremist radical agenda beneath a fake moderate facade.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Send the Marxist packing to Venezuela where she will find her already-made socialist utopia.

Fair Warning

You wrote: “…the freedom she has to speak her mind and run for office only exists because of the sacrifices made by those we honour on Remembrance Day”. Your knowledge of Canadian history is appalling. Our basic rights, such as the freedom to speak freely, are not gifts bestowed on us by the military. They were hard won by social activists who often stood against the brutal tactics of the military and police, which were trying to break those movements at the behest of government. One excellent example is the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. If we truly want to… Read more »

Chris vrecko

What a ridiculous comment. Spencer is correct. WW2, if lost would have been hell on earth, Book burnings, total rule by said dictator. Ask those that lived in Germany at that time. Our vets fought, sacrificed their lives so we WOULD have freedom!

Tommy Hawk

And another Marxist just strode by.

Timothy smith

How’s being a holdover hippy working out for ya? If you made your diatribe vaguely relevant to the article, maybe people would listen to you…


Dear Fair Warning, Spencer IS FOR FREE SPEECH AND INDEPENDENT THOUGHT AND OPINIONS, AND NOT FOR OUR ONE SIDED CANADIAN MEDIA, please read more of his very impressive Canadian common sense articles, unlike the fake, foreign, globalists puppets, Lieberal/NDP destroy, divide, and hate Canada, spewing propaganda and lies. Spencer’s articles, are for keeping peace, thinking for yourself, free speech and protecting our country and it’s history and all Canadians. All of us detest war, and maybe if you have relatives who died over in Europe, FIGHTING TO PROTECT US, from socialist extremists, alt left, alt right whichever, you would know… Read more »


Dear Fair Warning: you drank the poison propaganda socialist Kool Aid. Maybe if you knew that our brave military did protect us from these Socialist murderers, who killed millions. Hitler a big socialist (The socialist workers party), Stalin and Mao the biggest socialists (Communism ) or Mussolini another socialist, they killed many millions, we are safe thanks to our brave Military. Every Remembrance day, I spend some minutes in silence to thank, those who came home, and those brave men and women who did not, they loved and protected our country. If you want a closer look at such socialist… Read more »


Well said! Other socialist movements quelled by the government – women’s tight to vote! Remember Tommy Douglas, socialist – who fought for universal health care? The health care we ALL benefit from!!?? Although I don’t agree with this lady’s PAST stance/remarks, I think it is a bit rash to contiñue to get her with a marxist brush! The whole idea of evolving in society, is to learn from past and present mistakes and work hard to never repeat them!!! The penchant for war vs peace does not appear to have sunk in yet!!!

Sewer Rat

My uncle who fought in WWII thanks you from the bottom of his heart. He is so happy that he had to watch his 18 and 19 year old friends die, so ignorant people like you can flap their lips with no understanding of what they are talking about.

Spoticus Maximus

Get stuffed, you tree-hugging zero !


Is there one standard for the P.C party and another for the NDP? My Father gave his life us to speak that put down those gave there lives.God Bless our troops.

Allan Wood

I have war service metals hanging on my wall from the 4 year service my grandfather gave to Canada in WWI and the 3 years my father gave to the Canadian Navy in WWII. I can’t imagine a more disgraceful, ungratified person that would spit in the face of that service.

Kim Gudge

First of all, they’re medals, not “metals”. Second of all you aren’t the only person whose grandparents fought in WWII, a lot longer than 3 years at that. WWII killed my paternal grandfather, a career Air Force officer. My paternal grandfather and grandmother both served in WWII and lived to tell the tale, the tale that war is an atrocity and that there is nothing about it to be glorified. I refuse to wear a poppy myself because it’s nothing more than a symbol that anyone can purchase with pocket chains and profess to support veterans. If you want to… Read more »

N Kendall

Kim Gudge. It is the height of arrogance to correct another’s spelling when you can’t be bothered to check your own! (“pocket chains”) FYI Veterans affairs is a federal matter and not a provincial one. The federal conservative party does not have a stated goal of cutting services to veterans. It was Trudeau 2.0 that said to a veteran ” you are asking for too much”. Remember? The Provincial PC party is not cutting benefits or services to Veterans.

Tim S

If you’re going to attack someone for using the incorrect word ( a Homophone, by the way: metals v. medals), make sure you proof-read your attack response. Chains and change are not close to homophones, homonyms, or synonyms. It’s pocket CHANGE. Yes, war IS hell, nobody is glorifying it, and no veteran will say otherwise. Here’s the thing: Canada NEVER started a war, Canada has never bullied another nation militarily. Canada has always gathered to defend the oppressed, to defend the bullied. When a bully swats, you stop him by swatting back. It’s an unfortunate, sad truth: Bullies will never… Read more »

Norm Gadsby

Free speach is a gift and something we should cherish. Governments want nothing more than to control the people and do as they want without the civillian population having any input on how their own country should be managed. Instead it is the elite look at Trudeau a communist dictatorship and trying to take away democracy in Canada. Taking away law abiding rights in favor of the criminal population and destroying Canadas economy. The people need to rise up and fight this type of government but how? Military and police will not assist you unless they turn on the government.… Read more »

alan skelhorne

these radical left wing loonies are too much, this fat cat spreading garbage, hell even the dictator said 2 years ago, we don,t celebrate thanksgiving anymore, we have nothing to be grateful for, those words were spoken by the dictator=traotor mr. prissypants in ottawa.
as for you fair warning, tell me what side you will be on when the revolution starts.

M. Wryter

We don’t need mouthy, opinionated yanks like her in Canada, we have enough of that already dictating things on the pipeline issue that I am sure that Sir John is rolling over in his grave over this. I cannot see this type of person or their deluded ideas being at work when the railroad was built to unite this great country, not a snowball’s chance in hell would have Sir John Eh allowed it. But we have a sop like a boy in Ottawa calling the shots and buffoons like kaminker spouting off like some delusional child. No Sir go… Read more »

Robin Banks

Maybe she CAN’T wear one because they don’t make sunflower-sized clown poppies that would be body-proportional to the rest of us that don’t have physiques that will bend light with their gravitational field.




My Grandfather served during WWI, my Father served during WWII, my Uncle served in Korea and my son served three tours in Afghanistan – loosing his life during the last tour. Laura Kaminker knows nothing of the sacrifices our military has made over the last 100 years or how they have protected our freedom from the dictators of the world during those conflicts. Kaminker was originally from the US whose education system teaches absolutely nothing about Canadian history. She obviously knows nothing about American history either because the US was also involved in all of the above noted conflicts as… Read more »

Rick Churchill

This is the true face of the NDP and their Leftist cohorts. How many of the workers, for whom they purport to be fighting, are ex-military, or lost family members to defend our freedom? Apparently the only freedom they recognize is the freedom to kowtow to the Left.

Jim Petty

So can someone tell me what the NDP’S hidden agenda is?