Terrible: ‘Marxist’ NDP Candidate Called Remembrance Day “Collective Brainwashing,” Attacked “Fake Poppy”

Will Andrea Horwath disavow this far-left extremist?

The Ontario NDP under Andrea Horwath are trying to pretend that they are a moderate political party.

They’re not.

It’s a cover for what truly lurks beneath the surface with the NDP: Far-left radicalism.

And now, Toronto Sun Journalist Joe Warmington has uncovered comments made by Laura Kaminker – the Ontario NDP candidate for Mississauga Centre.

Here’s what Kaminker said about Remembrance Day:

“I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over. When our masters give the signal, everyone can take off the fake poppy — made with prison labour — and create a bit more landfill. And another annual ritual of war glorification comes to a close.”

Warmington points out that Kaminker “refers to veterans as “heroes” in quotation marks and asks is “every ‘hero’ honoured, every flag waved, every resounding exhortation about the troops ‘protecting our way of life,’ is a conscious act, and a political one.”

She also seemed tired with people talking about September 11, saying “enough already.”

And is if that isn’t all bad enough, Warmington points out that she once talked about “Marxism 2011 program notes” from a conference she described as a “weekend of inspiration, education, and revolution.”

Kaminker is originally from the United States.

Warmington points out that Kaminker’s comments are from many years back, and that she shouldn’t be disqualified based on what she said in the past given that she was democratically nominated.

That said, both the Ontario NDP and Ontario Liberals have been attacking PC candidates and demanding that they step down, so why should the NDP get to play by different rules? Either candidates are given the chance to make mistakes and grow as human beings, or all candidates with controversies get booted.

Having different standards for different parties is disgraceful.

People are rightfully angry about Kaminker’s comments, as the freedom she has to speak her mind and run for office only exists because of the sacrifices made by those we honour on Remembrance Day.

And Andrea Horwath has bigger questions to answer as well. How could anyone trust giving power to a party with ‘Marxist’ candidates that attack the remembrance of our troops?

There is now zero doubt that the Horwath NDP are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, trying to hide an extremist radical agenda beneath a fake moderate facade.

Spencer Fernando

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