FAIL: Horwath NDP Made $1.4 BILLION Mistake In Campaign Platform

It’s a big warning to voters of the damage the NDP would do to the economy if they took power.

The Ontario NDP made a big mistake in their election campaign platform, and it’s leading to a new surge of questions about the danger the NDP would pose to the economy.

As reported by the CP, “Ontario’s New Democrats, often accused of fiscal incompetence, made a $1.4-billion annual costing mistake in their election platform, the party’s leader was forced to admit on Sunday.”

“The miscounting of a $700-million annual reserve fund as revenue rather than as an expense will affect deficit projections for several years, Leader Andrea Horwath conceded.”

Of course, Horwath has tried downplaying the huge error, but that’s what she would be expected to do, given how big a problem it can be for her party.

More NDP fiscal incompetence

The Ontario NDP have tried to pass themselves off as a moderate party. But whether it’s an extremist candidate who opposes Remembrance Day and attended ‘Marxism training,’ or wanting to make Ontario a sanctuary province, or this latest huge budget mistake, it’s clear that the NDP is really a far-left, fiscally incompetent party.

When considering the chaos taking place in B.C., the rising taxes being imposed in Alberta, and the radical-left turn of Jagmeet Singh federally, it is clear that the NDP cannot be trusted with power.

That means only Doug Ford and the PC Party can avert disaster in Ontario.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And yet, people cannot see, our so called professional teachers are supporting them in Ontario, our slanted misinformation main media stated, again very sad, and they are teaching or brainwashing our children. The Lieberal/NDP party is going after Doug Ford together as usual. We need Doug Ford to get this province economically on it’s feet again get free thought and speech back, empower the people to go and become successful and happy, instead of depressed and useless as we are becoming under this communist rule in Canada, and all the brain washing and destruction going on. Doug Ford must win… Read more »


The damage to Ontario and to canada as a whole is done already by Trudeau, Wynne and the media.
What Horwath does is not a shock nor a surprise. She just want to have the same size pie as the others and why shouldn’t she.

Norbert Kausen

It is as I expected…

Jill Ward

Remember when Harper was first voted in under a minority government? Remember the liberals forcing him to spend, spend, spend and rule Canada the liberal way OR THEY THREATENED TO BRING HARPER DOWN? Remember the BIG DEFICIT REPORTED AFTER HARPERS FIRST TERM GOING INTO THE SECOND AND HOW THE LIBERALS BLAMED HARPER FOR THE DEFICIT? You might all want to think about that here in Ontario next month and again in 2019. ‘ I don’t believe any of them give a good G.D. about Canada or Canadians however it is STILL OUR MONEY WHICH PAYS THE BILLS AND SALARIES!! time… Read more »