DISLOYAL: Hypocrite Horgan Planning To Buy Oil From Washington State If Alberta Cuts Shipments

The B.C. NDP are now openly showing their disloyalty to Canada’s energy industry. Instead of supporting the Trans Mountain pipeline and fixing relations with Alberta, they’re planning to buy oil from the United States.

A new report reveals that instead of ending their illegal opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline, the B.C. NDP are planning to buy oil from the United States if Alberta uses Bill 12 to reduce shipments.

So, not only do the B.C. NDP think they have the right to dictate the exact amount of oil Alberta can send into the province (they’ve threatened to sue Alberta for both sending ‘too much’ – with Trans Mountain – or ‘too little’ with Bill 12), but they’re prepared to spend taxpayers dollars on U.S. oil.

As reported by the Financial Post, “Should Alberta’s government use its new powers to throttle back oil shipments to British Columbia, the coastal province plans to be in court that same day to seek an immediate injunction, and is looking to source its oil needs from the State of Washington.”

B.C.’s attorney general David Eby said “There has been work done with Washington state in identifying additional reserves that we might be able to use in the unlikely event that Alberta actually attempts to use this unconstitutional legislation.”

Disloyal priorities

John Horgan is showing where his loyalties and priorities lie, and it’s not with Canada. After all, the majority of B.C. residents support the Kinder Morgan expansion, and many of the groups fighting against it are funded by foreign countries.

Horgan should be ending his opposition to the pipeline, repairing relations with Alberta, and helping to reduce the divisions in our country.

Instead, he’s escalating the fight with Alberta, using unconstitutional means to oppose a pipeline that has widespread public support and planning to get oil from Washington State.

Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, Hypocrite Horgan takes it to a new level.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Werner

This is what the US wants.
I bet if you dug into it you would expose a LOT of US backed opposition to the pipeline, esp within the eco groups.

At the same time NO ONE on the pipeline support side seems to care about BC ecology and making extraneous plans for the “what if”. There would be a lot less opposition if they they first put together a MORE THAN world class disaster response team.

Do that and they remove the biggest obstacle. But do they do that??? Nooo, to damn stubborn to spend the necessary money.


Trudeau has already stated the Feds intend to spend $1.5 billion for the BC Coast Guard and a world class Environmental response organization. How something can be “MORE THAN” is incredibly stupid. Nothing can possibly be greater than 100%. Technology developed, likely in BC, to make coastal protection “world class” would enable BC, and thereby Canada, to sell that technology and knowledge around the world. Billions in income.Canada would become a world leader in environmental protection and actually be able to erase the view the world has of Canada, BC and Horgan being a laughing stock. Should the pipeline not… Read more »


No wonder so many here in BC hate you guys. Always whining and scheming. There’s a lot of us here who’d love to help you out, but if you’re going to take that attitude with us too, well we’d just as soon leave you to twist in the wind, the same as you’d do to us.


So John Horgan is planning to buy oil from the U.S. ; How does he plan to move this oil into Vancouver with pipelines he and his green party cohort are opposed to pipelines. Is he going to move the oil into Vancouver via tankers, he is adamantly opposed to additional tanker traffic on B.C. coastline. What a colossal hipocrate Horgan is. Provide revenue to a U.S. city and not to Alberta, Canada and B.C. the dippers should change their name to The No Development Party.

Andy Langlois

The problem with the internet is that anyone can now be an expert like Spencer Fernando and will be quoted as gospel. Who is he and who does he work for? Ask yourself this. Where would BC refine oil? I’m sure it won’t be Burnaby. There are no other refineries in BC. Would it not be more probable that Horgan is sourcing (gasoline) supplies from Washington? We get much of it from them now so, nothing new there. It was just that easy to change the terminology from “Tar sands” to “Oil sands” to make the product more palatable. I… Read more »


Since the east coast and Quebec’s foreign oil has no carbon tax on it, maybe BC can bring their prices down, and look like heroes to their province?? Canada looks more and more broken, looks like the foreigners Lieberal/NDP agendas are winning and breaking the country apart???? I believe that was their plan.since election rigging is ok by Lieberal/NDP and they are traitors and NOT for Canada, but stealing from us, this pretend puppet fake foreign owned government needs to be kicked out of our country and charged for what they have stolen for these foreign globalist rich people, We… Read more »


“Ask not what your country can do for you but what YOU can do for your country”. JFK.

Since we know that the liberals nor ndp is doing anything for our country but for themselves alone is when we have to decide what’s best for our country.


Does the kinder Morgan not supply Washington state with oil as well.
Just shut off all branches as well. A lot of US money protesting it anyway.


Roughly 40% of the oil refined in Washington comes from Alberta thorugh the KM line. Not all gets shipped out by tanker. Alberta could also require that side line be inspected as they might do for the main KM line. This would shut down much of the oil BC hopes to get from Washington for quite a few months. Those refineries would of course complain through NAFTA but that could take years.


And you thought the “green” in Green Party referred to flora. Here is a tip. If something doesn’t make sense to you, follow the money, look for the corruption and the veil will lift. We are witnessing the end of foreign investment in Canada that will result in nationalization of any future major development in order to get it completed. A neat trick for a globalist. I wonder what the socks about that will look like. Probably a green dollar sign on black while we will be forced to go barefoot.

Niels Jensen

What a bunch of dumb remarks. Ofcourse BC has to get its oil from somewhere if Alberta’s blackmail by cutting of supply is reality! It is and remains utterly stupid to end a pipeline in Burnaby (Just a few km from downtown Vancouver) and ship bad bad stuff called bitumen in tankers through the Burrard inlet, under two bridges to inside passages on the east coast of Vancouver! Stupid! Look at the maximum tanker size you can get into this inlet. Does the whole thing makes economic sense? Ofcourse not. Ship that stuff to Kitimat. Build a refinery , supply… Read more »


Once again the NDP is trying to bankrupt the BC province. Did they not learn the last 2 times they tried. They were kicked out of governing. This party and the Green party has only environmental issues on their brain and no thought whatsoever for the development of our resources. BC is a resource based province and these items should be brought to market. Fishing, Mining, Gas Production, Oil Production all down the tube for a bunch of useless politicians. To not allow the Kindred Morgan project to proceed is mere stupidity. They do not know how government work and… Read more »