POLL: Conservatives Have 16 Point Lead Over Trudeau Liberals

Forum Research survey shows the Trudeau Liberals falling way behind the Scheer Conservatives.

A new Forum Research poll has some very bad news for the Trudeau Liberals.

The Conservatives hold a whopping 16 point lead, with the NDP far behind.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives 46%, Liberals 30%, NDP 18%

Trudeau’s disapproval rating has also reached over 50% in the poll, part of a continuing trend of fewer Canadians supporting Trudeau the more they see him in office.

While the Forum Poll is somewhat of an outlier that shows the Conservatives with more support than other surveys, the key thing to look for is the trend.

The trend in numerous polls is of slowly weakening Liberal support, and slowly strengthening Conservative support.

As reported by the Toronto Sun, Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff says “The Conservatives have strengthened their lead over the governing Liberals going into the summer break. The prime minister is seeing a high level of disapproval right now that could account for the lack of support for his party.”

A big part of Trudeau’s increasing political struggles has been the fact that he lies relentlessly. With his energy policy failing, he has been lying about the Conservatives pipeline record, and has broken numerous campaign promises.

Meanwhile, Trudeau refuses to take responsibility for his governing failures, and pins the blame on everyone else. He also regularly condemns and demonizes Patriotic Canadians, while rewarding those who hate what Canada stands for.

It’s the opposite of what Trudeau promised, and it’s no surprise that such obvious deception would cause him to lose some support. Still, with the elitist media working to push a pro-Trudeau, anti-Conservative narrative, all Canadians will need to come together to ensure Trudeau is defeated in 2019. He and his party will use any tactic, lie, and demonizing tactic to keep their grip on power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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