REPORT: The Trudeau Government’s Carbon Tax Will Hurt Canada’s Fishing Industry

Fisheries department says competitiveness of the industry will ‘degrade.’

The National Post is reporting that a federal fisheries department memo shows the carbon tax could damage the competitiveness of the Canadian fishing industry, because our competitors are not imposing the same costs upon their countries.

The government itself says the carbon tax will make the competitiveness of the Canadian fishing industry “degrade relative to other nations.”

According to the report, “Ottawa’s plans to curb greenhouse-gas emissions, through carbon pricing and other measures, could also make some energy-intensive fishing techniques non-competitive, according to a 2016 internal memo from Fisheries and Oceans Canada obtained by the National Post through access-to-information laws.”

Additionally, “The document finds that Canada’s fishing industry should be able to absorb the impact of a carbon tax without major economic impacts. “However, Canada’s competitiveness may degrade relative to other nations that have not yet announced plans, or are proceeding more slowly towards measures to reduce GHG emissions,” the memo says.”

The memo also points out that the government is giving the industry very little time to adjust, and that the full cost to the fishing industry will be in excess of $5.2 million (the amount that fuel costs will increase as a result of the tax).

Again, this is an example of how the federal government is making it tougher for Canadians to compete. And keep in mind, this is a government memo, so it is almost certainly downplaying the damage the tax will do. The real numbers will be far worse.

While other countries take action to support their national industries and lower the cost of doing business, the Trudeau government is making it more and more difficult for Canadians to succeed, and is pushing investment outside of our country.

The world is still going to demand fish, but instead of Canada being able to gain a larger market share and gain wealth and prosperity in the process, that money will increasingly go to other countries.

And all this is being done in the name of reducing Canada’s emissions, despite the fact that our emissions make up a tiny fraction of the world total, and increases in emissions in China, India, and other nations totally cancel out any changes we make in Canada by a massive magnitude.

Our government is literally throwing our prosperity away.

Spencer Fernando

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Amazing, legit businesses are purposely been destroyed, while crime, illegals into canada and illicit drugs, breaking laws, seems to be the prosperity (norm).
Trudeau Gov and media are please with the way they are taking canada into-‘seclusion from the world.’

Eric Blair

Being that most of the fishing industry in Canada is located in the maritimes which incidentally voted all liberal in the last election, I can foresee concessions being made for the fishing industry… say not having to pay anywhere near the full amount of the carbon tax. Then others that provide food such as farmers will demand the same concessions to their rising fuel cost but now you are into Conservative voters so maybe they wont get such a break. We have different rules to collect EI depending on where you live so why not different rules on carbon tax… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Canada’s fishing industry won’t be able to compete globally with Turdo’s carbon tax? Well, we’ll just have to impose a global carbon tax to make us all equal. Or Health Canada could recommend that fishermen, er, fisherpersons learn to row their dories and haul cod in with hand lines. Oh, no cod left. Well we have farmed Atlantic salmon – of course, they’re all on the west coast, and those in the know consider them garbage fish compared to wild caught sockeye or any other wild caught fish.

David Cameron

Canada’s many trees convert more than the C02 we produce, into oxygen which means that in theory, other C02 producing countries should be paying us for cleaning up their C02 in which case the government could be paying us rather than us sending our hard earned cash to the government to flush down the toilet. There’s nothing the brain dead, politically correct moron Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau loves to do more when he’s not too busy playing Mr. Dress-up and pandering to ethnic voters is to flush Canadian taxpayer’s money down the toilet. It’s all irrelevant anyway because AGW… Read more »