THE REAL NDP: Andrea Horwath Supports ‘Marxist’ Candidate Who Attacked Remembrance Day

The Ontario NDP’s mask of moderation has slipped, revealing the extreme fringe views that are the core of that party.

As reported recently, Ontario NDP candidate Laura Kaminker has some pretty extreme views.

Kaminker opposes Remembrance Day:

“I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over. When our masters give the signal, everyone can take off the fake poppy — made with prison labour — and create a bit more landfill. And another annual ritual of war glorification comes to a close.”

She questioned whether Veterans are Heroes:

“refers to veterans as “heroes” in quotation marks and asks is “every ‘hero’ honoured, every flag waved, every resounding exhortation about the troops ‘protecting our way of life,’ is a conscious act, and a political one.”

She said she supported a “War on Christmas.”

And she’s a Marxist:

She wrote about “Marxism 2011 program notes” from a conference she described as a “weekend of inspiration, education, and revolution.”

Additionally, Kaminker is originally from the United States, so she came to Canada from another country and then attacked our honouring of our Heroes and how we Remember them.

Total hypocrisy from Andrea Horwath

Andrea Horwath had previously called on the PCs to get rid of candidate Tanya Granic Allen for controversial comments.

Yet, Horwath is all of a sudden casting herself as a defender of free speech, and is supporting Kaminker’s bid to be elected as an NDP MPP.

Horwath has refused to remove Kaminker as a candidate.

As noted by the far-left Toronto Star, “Horwath, at a town hall meeting with about 100 people on Kingston’s waterfront, said the main concern is whether her candidates support the New Democrat platform.“I’m sure that this particular person agrees with us on all the pieces of our platform that make life better for people,” she said.”

So, Horwath is admitting that the NDP is fine with a candidate who opposes Remembrance Day, disrespects our heroes, calls for a War on a celebration of a major religion, and is a Marxist.

Why would Horwath be defending Kaminker’s ability to be a candidate?

Because Kaminker represents the true core of the NDP.

While Horwath has tried to make the NDP seem like a moderate party, by supporting Kaminker the mask has fully slipped, and the extremist, fringe beliefs of the NDP have been revealed.

Clearly, the NDP would do severe damage if they somehow won power.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Facebook

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Ron Voss

Simple. Birds of a feather flock together.

Allis Chalmers

How and why does politics attract these sick twisted demented individuals. And worse than that there are a percentage who will vote for these mentally deranged misfits.

Jean halls

If this is a true quote from that candidate, both they and the author of this article seem to have a basic misunderstanding of the poppies part and indeed the purpose of Remembrance Sunday. Neither is intended to glorify war, but is an act of remembrance for any and all who died in those wars, it is an acknowledgement of our own failure as a species to solve our problems without such barbarity and loss of life and a reminder that to forget is to allow it to happen again and again. The poppy and Remembrance Sunday are symbols of… Read more »

alan skelhorne

liberals-ndp, to me, there is no difference. one prime example. trudeau says, at his first thanksgiving speech. we don,t celebrate thanksgiving, canada has nothing to be thankful for.
and this is from a prime minister.


How do these candidates ever get nominated in any party? Horwath is out to lunch on this one! This lady needs to go back to school!

A sad commentary on the “range of ideologies “which find themselves in this losing party…Horwath has been a shill for the Libs whenever she has to show spirit!

Emily Viggiani

Brilliant coverage of this evil witch. Keep on keeping on. If more people are aware, Doug’s win will be that much easier

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