Trudeau Government Refuses To Tell Canadians How Much Taxpayers May Spend On Pipeline

It’s our money, yet the government won’t give us any details.

With the Trudeau government desperately flailing around as their pipeline ‘strategy’ falls apart, they won’t even tell us how many taxpayer dollars could get spent on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion – if it even happens.

While being interviewed by CTV, infrastructure minister Amarjeet Sohi said “Canadians will know once those discussions are concluded, it will be a transparent, open discussion around indemnification the government will provide to Kinder Morgan.”

As they usually do, the Liberals use a word when their actions indicate the exact opposite. If the government refuses to tell us how much money could be spent, that’s not transparency, it’s secrecy.

Also, “Sohi wouldn’t say whether or not the federal government has a specific buyer in mind, should Kinder Morgan back out. “In due process, once those discussions are concluded, it will be made public whatever arrangement is made, or whoever the investors are,” he said.”

So, with potentially billions of taxpayer dollars at stake, the government won’t give us any details.

And while they say it’s because they don’t want to negotiate in public, the truth is that this is about the incompetence of the government, and their barely-hidden anti-energy industry agenda.

After all, the day John Horgan became premier of B.C., the Trudeau government should have been taking action to ensure the project could go through.

Instead, they did nothing, let the crisis fester, and have now brought Canada to the point where we’ll either have no pipeline, or spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a project that should have been entirely handled by the private sector. And meanwhile, investor confidence in Canada is being decimated.

This is the result of the terrible mixture of arrogance and incompetence that characterizes every aspect of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

I love the song “It’s Time To Say Goodbye”

Shawn Harris

Trudeau just continues to confirm the reasons why Harper never put in place a carbon tax. Because it so obvious to everyone that even a blind man could see what would happen to our oil industry and economy, they would both be destroyed. Trudeau is now trying desperately to escape the disaster he not so cleverly created, by hiding behind the false statement , that we don’t negotiate in public. Yet Trudeau has made every effort to make this a very public problem. If there were, and no doubt there isn’t any, other oil or pipeline corporation willing to build… Read more »


I gather that Trudeau and gang will disclose the information AFTER THE FACTS, when it is too late. Give Trudeau a job description, he still does not understand his role. Canada is NOT HIS EMPIRE TO DO AS HE PLEASES. Canada belongs to THE PEOPLE and Trudeau role is to translate the will of THE PEOPLE. I can just imagine what Trudeau would do. Do a partnership with a country like Saudi Arabia or even China and get all the Canadians to pay for the losses and more, while the Saudis/Chinese make tons of money, OUR MONEY. With Trudeau, I… Read more »