VIDEO: Watch How Trudeau Betrayed His Campaign Promises

Hypocrisy personified.

Justin Trudeau campaigned against government secrecy, and heavily criticized the Harper government for how Veterans were treated.

Yet, in office, Justin Trudeau has led the most secretive government of all time, with numerous officials citing how Trudeau releases far less info than Harper did.

Trudeau was also the first PM found guilty of violating an ethics statute (four of them) while in office.

And when it comes to Veterans, Trudeau betrayed his promise to restore the lifelong pension (his ‘pension plan’ was slammed for falling far short), and at a town hall he told a Canadian Veteran that Veterans were “asking for more than we are able to give,” even as he spends millions on illegal border crossers, payoffs for terrorists, and aid to foreign countries.

It’s hypocrisy personified.

So, Trudeau has totally betrayed his main campaign promises, and thanks to the great work of Steeper33, you can see the video evidence of that betrayal.

As we’ve seen, Trudeau is now flat out lying to Canadians as he desperately tries to spin his failed record.

The Trudeau that Canadians saw in the campaign isn’t the Trudeau we ended up getting in government, and this video should be shared with all Canadians so we can see the depths of his deception.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Living large on borrowed dollars with an economy that “looks after itself”. He yields mortal wounds to this country but we needed “change” during the last election, remember? Not substance, but a change from boring Harper…Trudeau doesn’t deserve all the blame. We will have to learn how to make tough decisions again after he is gone. Tough decisions bound to offend. Decisions like getting estrogen based endocrine disruptors out on our environment and food warnings instead of accommodating its victims restroom privileges and parades. I’ll bet you the next fish you catch is a female. Have a soy smoothie on… Read more »

Wendy Lush

grandpaspeaks says:
May 21, 2018 at 5:00 pm

“Decisions like getting estrogen based endocrine disrupters out on our environment…”

I think that explains the dilemma we’re all in here, namely Trudeau! Endocrine disrupters have been around since the 70’s.

Yup, Trudeau. He’s the original one-balled man.


“I’m trying to reorder the thoughts”. Not “my thoughts” but “the thoughts”. In other words reorder the talking points that someone (Butts?) wrote for him.

Bruce Miller

This fellow is all over the place!


Sick of that stupid slogan ” REAL Change for Middle-class ” – he keeps saying but is doing the opposite!! INCREASING taxes, especially for small business owners that he has insulted saying, they only created the business to make more tax write-offs. He is quick to judge negatively, without all the facts, call Canadians various insulting names. But Kenney speaks some truths about him and he responds with ” my father didn’t raise me to do that.” Maybe he didn’t but you sure are doing it now with us. You just can’t take the same medication back.