Big Doubts About Trudeau Government Claim That Other Investors Want Trans Mountain Pipeline

If the company that originally wanted to build the pipeline decided against it, how does the government expect another company to pick it up?

When they announced their widely-criticized pipeline ‘plan,’ the Trudeau government claimed that if Kinder Morgan decided not to go forward with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the government would find someone else willing to take it over.

But now, those inside the energy industry are sharing serious doubts about whether that is really the case.

As noted by Reuters, “The Canadian government’s optimism that outside investors would be interested in taking over the Kinder Morgan Canada Trans Mountain oil pipeline project if the company pulls out might be misplaced, said energy industry sources and analysts.”

Furthermore, “A Canadian energy industry source who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter said Morneau’s comments about potential new investors were puzzling. U.S. companies are likely more focused on easing pipeline bottlenecks south of the border and are not interested in taking on the Trans Mountain project, which still faces fierce opposition, the source said.”

The report notes an Alberta oil trader who said it was odd for the government to be talking about spending taxpayer dollars on the pipeline:

“I don’t want the government involved in owning or funding a pipeline. Two governments from now, who knows what they would do with it? Just the wrong message to the industry, really.”

Did the government even talk to people in the energy industry ahead of the announcement?

Given this reaction to the Trudeau government’s pipeline ‘plan,’ it seems quite clear that they never even bothered to speak with people in the energy industry to see what people would think about it.

And while it seems like incompetence, and largely is incompetence, it’s also something more:

The truth is that the Trudeau government is doing everything they can to make it look like they want the pipeline to proceed, without actually doing what is necessary to get it done.

They’ve rewarded the BC NDP government for their illegal obstructionism, and failed to do anything about the pipeline crisis until Kinder Morgan set a clear deadline – at which point it was almost too late.

As a result, the Trudeau government has added to growing impression that Canada is no longer a good place to do business, meaning there will be an even further increase in the investment collapse, and there will be less prosperity created for Canadians.

None of this would be a problem if we had a federal government that supported our energy industry, but that won’t happen so long as the Trudeau government is in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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