FALLING: Trudeau’s Net Approval Rating Sinks To -21

A clear majority of Canadians disapprove of Trudeau.

According to a survey by Forum Research, Justin Trudeau’s net approval rating has fallen to -21, with a clear majority of Canadians disapproving of him.

Here are the key numbers:

35% approve of Trudeau, 56% disapprove, 9% say they don’t know.

By contrast, Andrew Scheer has a much better net approval rating. 31% approve of Scheer, while 34% disapprove, giving him a net rating of -3.

Jagmeet Singh has the approval of 27% of Canadians, while 35% disapprove of him.

Both Scheer and Singh have room to surpass Trudeau, as 35% haven’t formed an opinion of Scheer, while 38% haven’t formed an opinion of Singh.

Chance for Conservatives to gain support, negative campaign ahead

With a majority of Canadians turning against Trudeau, the Liberals are already turning towards a much more negative strategy. In contrast to the ‘Sunny Ways’ image, Trudeau is blaming everything on the previous government, and ramping up the demonization of everybody who disagrees with him.

The Liberals will be trying to turn the 35% of those who don’t have an opinion of Scheer into people that disapprove of him, while the Conservatives will need to turn about half of them into supporters. The good news so far for Scheer and the bad news for Trudeau, is that the more people see Scheer the better his numbers seem to get, while the more people see Trudeau in office the worse his numbers get.

Of course, that could change when the media launches their inevitable anti-Conservative campaign, meaning the Conservatives will need to keep using social media and alternate media to get their message directly to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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Tommy Hawk

If possible (and that is doubtful) to forget ‘him’ for the moment and focus on his policies, there is no way anyone who is sane can see anything positive resulting from those policies. On the other hand, Scheer, although articulate and with a sense of humour, has yet to be tested in battle. Whether that is good or bad at this moment, it will have to be dealt with in the near future. Trudeau, true to his ‘spoiled child’ upbringing is definitely having difficulties as time passes — particularly when he demonizes the oil industry and then having placed the… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

That Clown Prince of Mediocrity’s ratings will continue to plummet. They will plummet so deeply, his ratings will have dug clear China!

Clive Edwards

If Turdo loses the next election, what he does next will tell you who put that post turtle up there. If he returns to being a drama teacher, the Canadian electorate did. If he gets a U.N. job, or an ambassadorship, the globalist banksters did. Remember Gordon Campbell’s reward for selling out the people of British Columbia.