LOL: Wynne Ridiculed After Scolding Ford For Trusting Ontarians To Buy Beer In Corner Stores

Why does Kathleen Wynne have so little trust in the people of Ontario?

There are some important things for government to do.

Things like providing security, health services, infrastructure, and more.

Yet, instead of focusing on the basics, many politicians are obsessed with constantly expanding the size of the government, taking more money and independence away from individuals and concentrating it in the bureaucracy.

That’s what both Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath are all about.

The latest manifestation of this is an unintentionally hilarious tweet by Kathleen Wynne, in response to Doug Ford’s plan to expand the sale of beer and wine.

As Ford said, “if elected on June 7, our government will expand the sale of beer and wine into corner stores, box stores and grocery stores all across our province. As we approach the Victoria Day Weekend, it is time to acknowledge that Ontario is mature enough for this change and ready join other jurisdictions in making life a little more convenient.”

Here’s how Kathleen Wynne responded:

Oh no! Beer in corner stores! It’s the end of the world!!

The Tweet is being widely ridiculed, with over 462 comments, compared to just 68 retweets.

Here are some of the top responses to it:

Almost all of the replies go on like that, with people ridiculing Wynne’s tweet, and her desperate attempt to attack Ford.

All that Wynne’s attack does is show how arrogant and out of touch she is. As I said on Twitter, “Kathleen Wynne wants voters to trust her with an $830 billion GDP province, but she doesn’t trust them to buy beer at corner stores. How does that make sense?”

Doug Ford’s idea is simply common sense, and shows respect for Ontarians by treating them like adults. It’s a recognition that the last thing Ontario needs is more nanny-state governance that has dug the province into such a massive fiscal hole and has taken so much independence away from individuals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Miles Lunn

What’s ironic is it was her government that allowed grocery stores to sell beer and wine, but only 450. Ford wants to extend it to all grocery stores not just 450 handpicked by government and also get rid of the 10,000 square foot limit which means only large supermarkets can sell it not family owned mini marts.


I think Ford has a great idea. It would really help all the convenience stores to make more money. Those are hard working people who deserve more opportunities to keep their businesses afloat. I am all for it. TOO MUCH CONTROL BY GOVERNMENT.


Go Doug Ford, we need these controlling Lieberal/ NDP gone. We need our small businesses back and jobs, get us back our country! Even if I don’t drink beer or wine or smoke pot, I do believe the government should not control these things. If Ontario wants independent business back this is a good start, we need honest small business back and freedom from all the useless government red tape, We need, fair law and order back, so good law abiding people can develop to their full potential, Not big business on welfare to keep them in our too expensive… Read more »


The problem and the power with this idea is that half of your population in Ontario, as in other winter-stressed Provinces, go south during the course of the winter and we are aware that in some States you can comparison shop between prices for liquor in just about anywhere, a drug-store, a grocery store, a corner store, the State still gets the taxes but they have relinquished the strangle hold on the people, allowing us to make mature decisions about where and when and from whom we purchase our alcohol, she (Kathleen) is so out of touch with the actual… Read more »