SOCIALIST SURGE: Ontario NDP Take Narrow Lead Over PCs According To Ipsos Poll

A wake-up call to everyone who wants fiscal sanity restored to Ontario.

Kathleen Wynne may be on the way out in Ontario, but a new poll shows she might end up being replaced by someone even further to the left.

According to a new Ipsos poll, 37% of Ontario voters say they will vote NDP, while 36% say they’ll vote PC.

The Liberals are at 23%.

It’s a two point increase for the NDP in the last week, and a four point drop for the PCs.

The poll shows the electorate divided, with 42% of men saying they’ll vote PC, while 40% of women say they’ll vote for the NDP.

Elitist anti-Ford campaign taking a toll

The media coverage against Doug Ford has been extensively negative, while the NDP has mostly received a free pass for their far-left platform and extremist candidates.

That’s why this poll is a big wake-up call.

While other polls have shown the PCs in the lead, the trend of increasing NDP support has been clear. The NDP is getting away with putting a fake moderate image over their radical leftism, and even though that mask slipped when Horwath supported a candidate who attacked Remembrance Day, that hasn’t filtered through to the broader electorate yet.

With the elitist media pushing their anti-Ford campaign, it will take grassroots people reaching out to family and friends for the PCs to secure a win. It is quite possible that many people are hiding the fact that they will vote for the Ford PCs due to the public pressure to oppose them, but that is still no guarantee of a PC victory.

Unless the people fight back against the propaganda of the elites, it is quite possible that Kathleen Wynne will be replaced with a socialist party led by Andrea Horwath, which would be a disaster for Ontario, and a disaster for all of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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