SOCIALIST SURGE: Ontario NDP Take Narrow Lead Over PCs According To Ipsos Poll

A wake-up call to everyone who wants fiscal sanity restored to Ontario.

Kathleen Wynne may be on the way out in Ontario, but a new poll shows she might end up being replaced by someone even further to the left.

According to a new Ipsos poll, 37% of Ontario voters say they will vote NDP, while 36% say they’ll vote PC.

The Liberals are at 23%.

It’s a two point increase for the NDP in the last week, and a four point drop for the PCs.

The poll shows the electorate divided, with 42% of men saying they’ll vote PC, while 40% of women say they’ll vote for the NDP.

Elitist anti-Ford campaign taking a toll

The media coverage against Doug Ford has been extensively negative, while the NDP has mostly received a free pass for their far-left platform and extremist candidates.

That’s why this poll is a big wake-up call.

While other polls have shown the PCs in the lead, the trend of increasing NDP support has been clear. The NDP is getting away with putting a fake moderate image over their radical leftism, and even though that mask slipped when Horwath supported a candidate who attacked Remembrance Day, that hasn’t filtered through to the broader electorate yet.

With the elitist media pushing their anti-Ford campaign, it will take grassroots people reaching out to family and friends for the PCs to secure a win. It is quite possible that many people are hiding the fact that they will vote for the Ford PCs due to the public pressure to oppose them, but that is still no guarantee of a PC victory.

Unless the people fight back against the propaganda of the elites, it is quite possible that Kathleen Wynne will be replaced with a socialist party led by Andrea Horwath, which would be a disaster for Ontario, and a disaster for all of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

The voters of Ontario like lemmings headingbover a cliff.


When Doug Ford decided to ditch Tanya Granic Allen, he lost the trust and support of many SoCons. Up until this point, he was on a role!


No surprise the media is anti Ford and pro NDP. Conservatives must fight against a very left wing media all the time, in addition to political opponents.

This poll certainly is a wake up call. For the good of Ontario and the rest of Canada, hopefully common sense will prevail on election day.


Thank you Spencer for your very informative comments. I look forward to them daily. This is scary ! We just have to look at Alberta and BC to see how their provinces have gone downhill, and to recall the only 4 years of NDP in Ontario when people couldn`t wait to vote them out. My husband died because of NDP policies re Drs. I`m sure many others did too. Andrea`s mistake of $1.4 Billion in the budget should have been a loud wakeup call. I think the negative press against Ford has done its damage. People don`t realize that Socialist… Read more »

Mark Collins

Good article Spencer yes Ontario voters especially the GTA are dumb as a sack of potatoes. In saying that the Conservatives messed up by making Doug Ford leader if it was Brown or Elliot Pc landslide We in Ontario elect a socialist government it is all on the GTA because this election has come down what Toronto gets and wants

Gerri PAge

If the NDP is leading it is courtesy of mostly union workers and NDP people. You would think they have learned their lesson that the NDP is the wrong party to vote for. Too many people don’t bother to go out and vote yet will complain when they are taxed more etc. I guess you just can’t fix stupid. Ford is the one who will make changes best for Ontario, so people wake up because this is your Province and you want the best for it and the taxpayers.

Chaz Martel

What an effing horror story if this poll is even remotely indicative of what is really going on.

Conservatives!!! Do not sit on your laurels and take this election for granted. Donate! Volunteer! Get out the vote! Get Doug Ford and the PCs over the top. Never allow this socialist loon, Horwath, to gain power in Ontario. You will be selling out your province and eventually your country.

If you think we have an illegal migrant problem now, wait until she gets in. She promises to turn Ontario into a sanctuary province. Ontarians, WAKE UP!


Chaz, agree totaly, if this happens we are lost, just like Venezuela. These socialist people, lying to the world and taking countries down. I will vote PC and my family will. Please do research and vote PC.


Where would she get the money to support a sanctuary Province? Not from the Prairies, they are going to seperate and isolate BC from TROC. Trudeau’s plan to kill Canada is working.

Norbert Kausen

NOOOO!!!!!! If Horwath is elected, Ontario is just as doomed, as if Wynne were to be re-elected!!!

Fred Dimmick

Whenever the rabble realize they can vote themselves free stuff and somebody else will pay for it that’s what they do. The socialists / communists know how to buy them with big promises but the wealth and good jobs are only realized by the commissars and politicians who then like Trudeau change the rules to keep themselves in control and luxury. All those who can will go where their resources, being financial or skills, will be properly appreciated. The youngsters who get a free education (if it’s any good) will either go somewhere else to practice their professions or get… Read more »


Horwath is making Ontario a sanctuary city for illegals disregarding the legal citizens of their rights to live in peace thereby increase her voting block among the illegals. What can go wrong?


Wow ! No shortage of leftist lemmings in Ontario . So much stupidity in One Province .

Moe S.

Like the advertisement ‘sleep country Canada’ Ontarians better WAKE-UP. The NDP are SOCIALISTS. Every Ontario homeowner’s property taxes will rise to pay for Andrea Horwath’s
Sanctuary of Ontario. Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Britain, stated: ” THE PROBLEM WITH SOCIALISM IS YOU EVENTUALLY RUN OUT OF PEOPLE’S MONEY.”

don morris

The PC in Ontario needs to get the vote out, and to do that they need to canvas door-to door, like never before. Get the word out, get the vote out, there is nothing like personal contact to convince people to vote for your candidate. Our MP didn’t do that last election and though he’d held the seat for two terms, lost badly in a Riding that hadn’t elected a Liberal in about 50 years. It is SO disappointing that Ontarians would again consider the NDP after the Bob Rae days. Politicians know the public has a short memory,but this… Read more »

Moe S.

Today’s TORONTO SUN, May 22nd, by LEVY “C’mon Ms. Horwath, you can’t be that dumb?
Journalist Levy asks Horwath what the cost implications to Ontario taxpayers will be if as Premier she declares Ontario a ‘sanctuary province.’ Horwath’s spin-talking answer is pathetic.

Ralph Ellis

Maybe next time the Tories will elect a leader without a broadly know questionable past or perhaps the candidate who got the most votes. Go Socialists. 84% of Liberals would jump ship to stop Ford. If NDP support holds for another 2 weeks, the PCs are done.

Wendy Lush

Oh no! Bad news for Ontario. Horwath is Wynne on steroids (if that were possible).

ps- I think there’s a typo: it’s SOCIALIST SCOURGE, not SOCIALIST SURGE.