Trudeau Government To Force Through Biased Election Changes, Shutting Down Debate After Just Hours

Bill C-76 will change how elections are run in a way that will hurt the Opposition, and help the Trudeau Liberals. And now, they’re shutting down debate on the legislation.

Both the Conservatives and NDP are ripping the Trudeau government for planning to use time-allocation to shut down debate on Bill C-76, legislation that makes big changes to elections in Canada.

According to the Globe & Mail, “The government has given notice of a process called time allocation and it could invoke the procedure as soon as Tuesday, when MPs return to Ottawa. The motion would set a time limit for second reading of the bill in the House of Commons, forcing a vote to send the bill to committee for further study.”

The report notes that the Opposition critic on the elections file – Conservative MP Blake Richards – says the time allocation move means that there will be just “a couple of hours of debate on this,” which is almost no time at all to review a bill that will have a huge impact on the legitimacy (or lack thereof), of the next election.

Bill C-76 fails to close the loopholes that let foreign organizations interfere in our elections, while expanding the amount of money third-party groups (like the kind that usually benefit the Liberals) can spend.

Meanwhile, the legislation limits how much can be spent by actual political parties, which will disproportionately damage the Conservatives, who have been the most successful at raising money from grassroots Canadians.

As Richards told the Globe & Mail,“We have a governing party here that has moved forward with a piece of elections law that [has] elements in it that are very clearly designed to try to benefit themselves. I think all Canadians would have concerns with that.”

Nathan Cullen of the NDP said the Liberals are being hypocritical:

“They are in a crisis of their own making,” he said, adding that the Liberals are being hypocritical in light of their past criticism of the Conservatives for shutting down debate on elections legislation. “We want this thing to succeed,” said Mr. Cullen. “We also want to understand what’s in it too, which is not an unrealistic expectation.”

Biased bill, corrupted system

Bill C-76 is a terrible piece of legislation.

Not only does it seek to bias the next election in favour of the Trudeau Liberals, but it will severely damage confidence in our electoral system, which is being corrupted in the eyes of many Canadians.

The Trudeau Liberals once campaigned on strengthening confidence in the electoral system, yet they are now doing the exact opposite.

And now, they are only giving MPs a few hours to debate it. It’s a double-dose of anti-democratic behavior, and it’s yet another sign that the Trudeau government will break any promise in their pursuit of continued power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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