VIDEO: Scheer Says Trudeau Ordered Elections Canada To Change Election Rules, Before Legislation Has Even Been Passed

That’s not how our democratic system is supposed to work.

In Question Period, Andrew Scheer asked why the Trudeau Liberals have ordered Elections Canada to impose changes to Canada’s election rules when legislation to change those rules hasn’t even been passed yet.

According to a report, the head of Elections Canada “Stéphane Perrault told MPs Tuesday that even though Bill C-76 has yet to face serious scrutiny in Parliament, Elections Canada is working on plans and contingencies to make sure the agency can apply the changes once approved.”

As you can imagine, beginning the process to impose changes before legislation has been passed is a big problem.

On Twitter, Andrew Scheer said the Liberals are “rigging the rules.”

“When the PM starts losing, he responds by rigging the rules to benefit the Liberal Party. He’ll use taxpayer dollars to campaign with government spending announcements, travel, and advertising ahead of the next elections, while muzzling his opponents.”

He challenged Trudeau to explain why the Liberals are trying to rig the system, and why they are refusing to stop the flow of foreign money into the electoral process.

Trudeau responded by – you guessed it – attacking the previous Harper government.

Watch the exchange below:

This is all happening as Trudeau’s poll numbers fall to a new low, with his net approval rating sinking to -21. The more desperate he gets, the more he tries to rig the rules in his favour and damage our democracy to maintain his grip on power.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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He needs a lengthy prison sentence.


Please, people don’t fall for this idiot!!!! He will do anything to get re-elected, as this post points out. Let’s get him and his lieberals GONE. Who really cares where, as long as they are GONE!!!!!!

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is a prolific liar, he promised transparency, openness and electoral reform. So far he has done just the opposite . When he could get the results he wanted on replacing the first past the post electoral system because he couldn’t get the system he wanted he cancelled those reforms. And now that he sees he chance at still being Prime Minister on October 21 2019, vanishing away quickly, he chooses to go dark and rig the election system in his favour and call it electoral reform. He then doubles down on these forced changes by saying Harper made me… Read more »


I always thought that Elections Canada was a separate, stand alone process, mainly led in a progressive manner by the person at the top, responsible of course to the GOP, how has this changed so much under the Liberals?


He really is getting desperate. I wonder if the Liberals will move to eliminate photo ID as a requirement to vote?

It’s going to be a long wait to the fall of next year when we can vote Trudeau and other leftists out.

Sylvia Cranfield

He needs to be gone as he has run up millions of dollars worth of debt that our children and grandchildren will be left to pay off. He cares nothing for the Canadian people or he would work to assist them and their economy rather than travelling the world throwing away our hard earned money. REMOVE HIM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, sen him back to teaching drama and put someone like Andrew Scheer in his place who can bring the spending under control and respects Canada as his country.