WATCH: Trudeau Liberals Shamefully REFUSE To Condemn Terror Group Hamas For Inciting Violence

The Trudeau Government condemned Israel, yet refuse to hold Hamas accountable – even after Hamas admitted deliberately inciting the violence at the Israel-Gaza border.

In the aftermath of Hamas-incited violence that caused deaths at the Israel-Gaza border, many people were disturbed by the fact that the Trudeau government released a statement that criticized Israel for the use of force, while ignoring the fact that Hamas – a terrorist group – incited the violence.

Hamas has admitted to inciting the violence, with a senior member of the group even admitting that the majority of those killed were Hamas fighters, and that the group wanted violence to take place so they could score a propaganda win.

Shamefully, the Trudeau government played right into the hands of Hamas by doing exactly what the propaganda was intended to do: Have an emotional reaction and blame Israel, without looking at the facts.

By contrast, the Conservatives have rightfully condemned Hamas, and in Question Period Andrew Scheer demanded that Trudeau stand up and do the same.

But instead of doing the right thing, Trudeau didn’t even stand to answer the question. Instead, it was ‘answered,’ by foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland.

Freeland read government talking points, and only mentioned Hamas in the context of calling for an ‘independent investigation,’ ignoring the fact that Hamas has already admitted in easily-accessed video clips that they incited the violence.

The government also refused to retract their criticism of Israel.

You can watch Scheer’s question and Freeland’s response below:

Yet again, when given the choice to stand with those who support freedom and democracy, or serve as useful idiots for a ruthless dictatorship or terrorist group, the Trudeau government shamefully chooses the latter.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

Not surprising since several of the Liberal MPs are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood which has ties to Hamas.

chris brown

Thank you Spencer for bringing these videos for viewing. It was shameful of Trudeau to issue such a foolish response initially but it was likewise so to not respond personally in this HOC exchange and to offer no retraction or apology. He does not represent Canadians.

Shawn Harris

To have a principled stand on foreign affairs, you first have to have principles, morals values and integrity, all of which Trudeau and his government clearly lack. Especially when it is clear to everyone who was causing the deaths, not Israel, but Hamas. Trudeau being what he is, a liar, willfully chooses to follow a ideology of demonization and false virtue in regards to Israel. Even when confronted with indisputable truth he can’t stop from repeating the same lies . He even goes further by damaging Canada’s credibility by not retracting what he has said and then demands an inquiry… Read more »

Dave Smith

To me the surprise is that trudeau & or his rats didn’t praise hamas & pledge $millions.


Trudeau knows perfectly well the facts. He just choose to pretend that he does not know and sides with terrorists ALL THE TIMES. During his term, Trudeau is a very negative force in Canada and he HAS NEVER REPRESENTED the interests of THE PEOPLE of Canada, only following the UN orders and agenda for the destruction of Canada.


It’s good to see Andrew Scheer take a strong stand on this and defend Israel. Harper was a real friend to that country, and Scheer will be too when he is PM.

I’m not a bit surprised the liberals have taken this position. It’s also the same one that a lot of the MSM has.


GOD OF ISRAEL rewards those who support and stand by Israel which, I must admit, He did for PMSH who through a miracle, won three elections without having a single media to help them instead, the media were all negative against them yet he still won. And prosperity under Harper blossomed even when the world was in a recession, he managed to stir us through. With Trudeau gov in power and supporting terrorists and ISIS and Iran that wants to destroy Israel and all the media at his beck and call is going down as well the economy. Even Donald… Read more »