WATCH: Trudeau Liberals Shamefully REFUSE To Condemn Terror Group Hamas For Inciting Violence

The Trudeau Government condemned Israel, yet refuse to hold Hamas accountable – even after Hamas admitted deliberately inciting the violence at the Israel-Gaza border.

In the aftermath of Hamas-incited violence that caused deaths at the Israel-Gaza border, many people were disturbed by the fact that the Trudeau government released a statement that criticized Israel for the use of force, while ignoring the fact that Hamas – a terrorist group – incited the violence.

Hamas has admitted to inciting the violence, with a senior member of the group even admitting that the majority of those killed were Hamas fighters, and that the group wanted violence to take place so they could score a propaganda win.

Shamefully, the Trudeau government played right into the hands of Hamas by doing exactly what the propaganda was intended to do: Have an emotional reaction and blame Israel, without looking at the facts.

By contrast, the Conservatives have rightfully condemned Hamas, and in Question Period Andrew Scheer demanded that Trudeau stand up and do the same.

But instead of doing the right thing, Trudeau didn’t even stand to answer the question. Instead, it was ‘answered,’ by foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland.

Freeland read government talking points, and only mentioned Hamas in the context of calling for an ‘independent investigation,’ ignoring the fact that Hamas has already admitted in easily-accessed video clips that they incited the violence.

The government also refused to retract their criticism of Israel.

You can watch Scheer’s question and Freeland’s response below:

Yet again, when given the choice to stand with those who support freedom and democracy, or serve as useful idiots for a ruthless dictatorship or terrorist group, the Trudeau government shamefully chooses the latter.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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