It’s Disturbing How Trudeau Reserves His Anger For Canadians Who Disagree With Him, Instead Of Canada’s Enemies

Trudeau never gets angry talking about terrorism or regimes that oppose everything that Canada stands for, yet when he’s attacking Canadians who happen to disagree with him, he often becomes enraged.

One of the more disturbing patterns that has emerged during Trudeau’s time as PM is the way he directs his anger.

While all leaders get angry, their angry is usually directed mostly towards enemies of the country, such as terrorists, or regimes that wish harm to Canada.

The photo below is from a recent debate in the House of Commons about Hamas. Try to guess who Trudeau was talking about based on the rage-filled expression on his face:

Trudeau Rage

Trudeau wasn’t attacking Hamas here, despite the fact that Hamas uses women and children as human shields and purposely instigates deadly violence to score propaganda wins.

No, in that photo Trudeau was attacking the Conservatives.

The rage filled expression is what we often see from Trudeau when he attacks people who disagree with him, and it’s the true heart of the federal government underneath the “Sunny Ways” facade.

It is very disturbing that Justin Trudeau never looks this angry when he’s talking about terrorists who want to destroy our way of life. In fact, he generally either shows no emotion during those discussions, or ‘pivots’ towards attacking those who want tougher action against terrorism.

Rather than trying to bring people together, Trudeau is trying to drive Canadians apart. His rage shows that he sees the millions of Canadians who support the Conservatives as his enemies, rather than as good people who happen to view things differently than he does.

Canada deserves better than that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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this village idiot is a waste of skin as was his so called dad pet. sure hope the eastern idiots who voted for this waste are happy with their stupidity.


Right along with the western idiots who did


Your right, there were a number of Edmonton and Calgary folks who voted liberal as did a number from BC. So guess the majority of easterners and minority of westerners who voted for the liberal party are all enjoying this spectacle.

Dave Smith

Definition of traitor / trudeau
1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
2 : one who commits treason

Ed R Peebles




You mean Justine Trudeau – more appropriate. He rants and raves because he has no answer to questions and tries to look powerful rather than the village idiot that he is.

Irene Allen

Funny but so true, during which his face and mouth readied him to sallow a moose!!Does he seem like an El Toro racing down the Ave and then prances in the air and over the bridge landing smack in the cold blue!!

Bob Fry

Question Period in the house of Commons, has Justin Trudeau consistently blaming the Stephan Harper Conservative party for all the issues of today. Even his cabinet ministers have started to pick up on this. The average number of times by the liberals in blaming the Stephen Harper party is 6 to 8 times with in 58 minutes. If I recall in looking at a calendar the Liberal Government has been in power over 2 1/2 years. And their still faulting the previous government. What does this tell Canadians that the Liberals mistakes and overspending can’t be explained away and they… Read more »


Time to hope and pray your Donald J. Trump comes to defend the Canadian people. Obama wanted to destroy America. And so do many more. Don’t let them , fight for the future of your children and grandchildren


a truly disgusting human being.

Fred Van Vliet

We who disagree with Trudeau, ARE HIS enemies.
He is groomed and programed like a terminator bot.

C Thompson

Remember in his little university speech in the U.S. where he said to try to listen to others even if their opinions are in direct opposition to yours? I see he doesn’t practice what he preaches.


We will support the Conservatives 150% and Trudeau can go to hell. Traitor and mentally disturbed PM. When will he be removed for his post.


Not soon enough, that’s for sure!

Elizabeth Thorne

It IS disturbing how the other 183 puppets, people who were elected to defend Canada and it’s people, sit there and bob their heads in agreement. I do hope Canadians remember this in October, 2019.


I am sure they will and I keep emailing my MP and telling him what I think of him and all the other trained seals who are too chicken to defy Turbo for fear of losing all their goodies and to heck with Canada.


You really think the goldfish in the country will remember? Even if they do, do you think the rigged elections will let even a majority actually vote?


Thus we have achieved peak prosperity in this country. With no Conservatives in power anywhere in Canada he still blames them two years on. It is all he knows. I wonder what his “Kinder Morgan just backed out” face will be. Watch for it, that will tell a tale. What do you expect from a drama teacher, will you believe his tears, or is that his “bouncer” face, maybe it is his I can’t go snowboarding face? Perhaps, but it certainly isn’t the face of conciliation. Turn off the taps Notley it is time to face reality.


Notley should have reduced the flow of oil, gas, diesel and jet fuel to BC as well. BC is now importing their jet fuel by huge tanker with a pipeline right through residential areas.

Ron Voss

And the vacuous, mindless Liberal MPs in the backdrop, a ship of fools.


Wow! If this guy doesn’t have some kind of emotional problems the sky isn’t blue. I also wonder why the people weren’t made aware during the election? It seems they knew if you read this interview.

Canadians need to clean house in 2019, because if ever we needed a change in government it’s now.

LaVerne Keller

More like mental health issues, as well as a narcicistic personality being a spoiled trust fund brat, combined with the complete lack of a conscience.




I knew this would happen if Trudeau ever got elected and now it is happening. How did I know? Does anyone remember how mad Trudeau got when Stephen Harper used the word “barbaric” when describing honour killing in the guide that new CDN’s get? In the clip from the House of Commons which showed Stephen Harper telling the House about this….Trudeau cursed and threw his papers across the room. After I saw that I knew right away that we would be in BIG trouble if he was ever elected….and he was and it is happening.,

Stéphane Lapierre

Just like is father who hate is own kind. My great-grand father call this kind of men: “Mange-canayen”


Truly, Canada’s Obama. We saw much the same thing in the USA throughout the Obama presidency. The link is the view that the likes of Hamas et al are not truly evil, but rather are just acting out as the part of the rebelling proletariat in the cultural Marxist play. The real enemies are the Tea Party Republicans/Kellie Leitch Conservatives, who play the part of the exploiters.

Jacques Mc Clure

Trudeau vous pouvez pas savoir comme je haie se traite hypocrite profiteur menteur . Je ne vois pas aucune qualité Je ne comprend pas qu il sois encore la . J aimerais pas avoir sa comme PERE. J aurais honte

Eric Garver

The problem for Canada is Trudeau. Hi has a marked lack of understanding world issues. Often he is more on the sides of terrorists then their victims. Oh Canada you it him in office, please remove him so as to reset our nations close partnership


His ability as a work leader to shameful. He is an embarrassment. How did this drama teacher/snowboarder/pot smoker ever get to be a prime minster. He seems to put his own countrymen last. Please, please, please, lets ditch this idiot in 2019


And he does it to this very day. He’s like a Stepford Husband sometimes.

Alan Parkin

His anger pales compared to mine on his

Don Taylor

Trudeau is a”true narcissist”that is why he gets enraged when people disagree with him,in his little mind he is always right


He has every quality of a narcissistic dictator. Absolute deep hatred of anyone who disagrees with him. Butts isn’t far behind.

David Matheson

“Trudeau” and “anger” in the same sentence? The image of an angry Trudeau is about as scary as a toilet full of blind goldfish.

Paul Cook

The good thing now is that Mr. Dress Up can’t speak as he has both feet in his mouth.
He is a complete imbecile and a total embarrassment for our great country.