REPORT: Growing Concerns Over Trudeau Government Getting Closer With Iranian Regime

The Trudeau government repeatedly bows down to the most anti-democratic regimes, and their vote against Bill S-219 continues that disturbing trend.

A few weeks ago, Trudeau-controlled senators voted to kill Bill S-219.

As Conservative Senator Linda Frum pointed out on Twitter, voting to kill that legislation will have the following impact:

The move came as the Trudeau government is seeking to strengthen Canada’s ties with Iran, one of the leading sponsors of terrorism in the world, and a key force propping up some brutal regimes.

It led to a recent protest by people who actually know what life under the Iranian regime is like:

But instead of listening, the Trudeau government is seeking the ‘normalization’ of ties between Canada and Iran, once again selling out Canadian values.

It’s the same approach the Trudeau government has taken towards anti-democratic governments around the world, particularly in Saudi Arabia and China: Pretend Canadian values don’t exist, sell out everything our country believes in, all while condemning our allies like the US and Israel.

Yet, this isn’t going unnoticed. Many Canadians came here from countries like Iran where individual freedom and liberty is denied, and they are trying to issue a warning about the danger of a government that is seemingly enthralled with dictatorships.

If the Trudeau government isn’t willing to stand up for Canadian values when dealing with Iran and other regimes, it’s no surprise that they’re seeking to erode those values here at home as well.

Spencer Fernando

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