Under Trudeau Government, Unemployed Canadians Facing Tougher Struggle To Find Jobs

But we keep hearing how the economy is doing so well…

The Trudeau government keeps telling us how great the economy is doing, yet we keep getting more and more data telling us the opposite.

Whether it’s collapsing investment, massive trade deficits, or the declining workforce participation rate, a lot of the numbers aren’t looking good at all.

And now, the latest info is a new survey from Express Employment Professionals.

According to BNN Bloomberg, the survey shows that “Canadians’ average duration of unemployment rose to 19 months – the highest level posted by the survey in five years. By comparison, in 2014 the average length of unemployment was 13 months.”

So, in the time the Trudeau government has been in power, the amount of time people struggle to find work has increased by half a year.

The survey directly points out that a majority of Canadians without work say the Trudeau government is having a negative impact:

“58 per cent of unemployed Canadians said they feel Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is moving in the wrong direction. Only 22 per cent of respondents said the federal government had a positive impact on creating jobs, down from 34 per cent in 2017.”

These are facts the Trudeau government will never talk about, because they contradict the fake narrative of how ‘good’ things are. Yet, people on the ground can see what’s actually happening. The economy may be good for the elites, but for the vast majority of us it’s getting worse under this government.

Spencer Fernando

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Shawn Harris

The evidence provided by Bloomberg, statistics Canada and other experts, show just how inept and disconnected Trudeau is from economic reality. Trudeau has been and still is ground zero for all of the economic damage he has done. Trudeau actually believes that a strong and growing economy can be achieved by first over taxing it, then strangle it with ever increasing bureaucratic red tape and regulations, that drive away both domestic and direct foreign investors. He sees the problems everyday, yet to him, it is an intellectual puzzle, that escapes his ability to solve. All because he is a socialist… Read more »

Leo Frey

He doesn’t get it Shawn because he is mentally unfit. I actually think he has the intelligence of a 12 year old and that might be an insult to 12 year olds.

Joanne Thauberger

You know, they can put out as many fake statistics and reports that they like but in the end the truth always comes to light. Every day that goes by their lies shine brighter & brighter and get easier & easier to see. They just keep up the pretence with the hope that they can hoodwink people into believing them. Unfortunately for them, those days have passed and more and more are seeing the real situation. Down, down, down go the Liberals into the pit of oblivion. I hope the door hits them on their way out.

Ken K

No doubt it will be harder for untrained and uneducated to get good jobs
Increase the deficit to provide long term job skills training and get oil workers retrained
No brainer


This is not surprising and I’m sure wouldn’t concern the entitled, arrogant piece of garbage who has never had to really work in his whole stinking life. Speaking of said human excrement; do you have to show his face on every article? I literally need to hold up my hand to block the view of it as that and the sound of his whiny, nasal drivel drives me into fits of rage.

don morris

Yes, the LPC and the media always trumpet the “great” employment statistics when their Boy is in Office, but the books as they say, are cooked. There is so much unemployment in the oil and mining sectors many workers have given up looking so are not counted in the unemployment stats. The only thing keeping the economy buoyant here in B.C. is the housing boom, once that grinds to a halt, there will be massive unemployment,and with an NDP government in Alberta,the traditional refuge of laid off tradesmen from B.C., that market has closed. If Ontarians go completely bonkers and… Read more »

Elizabeth Moorhouse

It was PM Disraeli, the quote is. “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics!” Justin uses all three!

Brian Mellor

He keeps adding Government employees. This can not be good.

Clive Edwards

Any idea where “trust fund baby’s” family fortune is invested?