Hussen To Get Grilled Over Illegal Border Crossing Surge

The illegal crossings are continuing, with no end in sight.

As illegal border crossings continue to take place, and the Trudeau government shows no willingness to do anything to stop it, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen will be grilled for four hours as the Opposition demands answers.

Conservative Immigration Critic will be leading the questioning. On Twitter, she has already been sharing some tough but necessary truths about our immigration system:

“Thread, per my last few tweets. Here’s my frustration – there are very few politicians right now who are willing to state the following inconvenient truths. 1) Unplanned immigration, with high volumes of those making asylum claims (many of which will be found invalid)…”

“….if difficult to sustain in a country like Canada that gives instant free access to generous social programs, that are paid for by levels of government who don’t have control of immigration levels or policy. 2)….”

“2)…without a plan for funding integration support, or to build and encourage a long term path to self reliance, the situation in Toronto unfolds. It’s all well and good to tweet and declare sanctuary cities, but there have been no plans or budgets to…”

“….deal with the strain on our social systems, our immigration processing systems, our asylum claim hearing system, our deportation system, or to prioritize the world’s most vulnerable into Canada for resettlement.”

“At some point, the stain caused by the demand on the system will cause it to break. There’s only so many billions of dollars of borrowed deficit funds that you can dump into a bureaucracy, and achieve little result while the demand on the system continues to increase….”

“…something has to give. At this rate, the first thing to give will be Canadians unwavering support for immigration – which would be a huge travesty that should be laid at the feet of the Liberal federal government, and those who enable them by refusing to point out these facts.”

Rempel is saying what needs to be said, and what won’t be admitted by the weak Trudeau government that refuses to stand up for our borders.

Just recently, it was reported by TVA Nouvelles that pamphlets in New York state are encouraging people to cross into Canada illegally, and showing them how to get in – revealing how our border is seen as a total joke.

Clearly, Hussen and the Trudeau Liberals have much to answer for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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