REPORT: Ontario PCs To “Announce Explosive Revelations Of Anti-Semitism Within The NDP” Says Global News Anchor

UPDATE: The PCs found posts by an NDP candidate saying Canadian troops were part of a “slaughter machine,” and sharing a “pro-Nazi meme.” Read about it Here.

Past updates below:

Announcement reportedly to take place at 9:00 am eastern time on Friday.

Global News Anchor Alan Carter has Tweeted that the Ontario PC Party “will announce explosive revelations of anti-Semitism within the NDP.”

According to the Tweet, the announcement will take plate at 9:00 am eastern time on Friday, May 25th, and will be led by Ontario PC candidates Todd Smith and Gila Martow.

The NDP have been facing increasing – though still far too little – scrutiny for some of their totally extremist candidates.

Among those candidates are 9/11 truthers, a candidate who opposes Remembrance Day & attended ‘Marxism’ workshop, and many more ‘hidden gems.’

With multiple polls showing the NDP either tied or in the lead, attention is turning to whether people really want a gang of radical socialists to take power over Canada’s largest provincial economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube