REPORT: Ontario PCs To “Announce Explosive Revelations Of Anti-Semitism Within The NDP” Says Global News Anchor

UPDATE: The PCs found posts by an NDP candidate saying Canadian troops were part of a “slaughter machine,” and sharing a “pro-Nazi meme.” Read about it Here.

Past updates below:

Announcement reportedly to take place at 9:00 am eastern time on Friday.

Global News Anchor Alan Carter has Tweeted that the Ontario PC Party “will announce explosive revelations of anti-Semitism within the NDP.”

According to the Tweet, the announcement will take plate at 9:00 am eastern time on Friday, May 25th, and will be led by Ontario PC candidates Todd Smith and Gila Martow.

The NDP have been facing increasing – though still far too little – scrutiny for some of their totally extremist candidates.

Among those candidates are 9/11 truthers, a candidate who opposes Remembrance Day & attended ‘Marxism’ workshop, and many more ‘hidden gems.’

With multiple polls showing the NDP either tied or in the lead, attention is turning to whether people really want a gang of radical socialists to take power over Canada’s largest provincial economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ken (Kulak)

So did this revelation occur? I haven’t heard a thing.


It is up to the public to decide which direction they want they province to go. If they want make-believe rainbows and honey with all sorts presents that comes with it which the public think it’s all free, then either the NDP or liberal is their fairy godmother.
But, ir they want self respect; less taxes; respect and freedom for their province, and are willing to fight for it, then, Doug Ford is their guy. Like I said, it’s up to public/voters to decide.