Toronto Mayor Says City Has Received ZERO Help From Trudeau Government As Illegal Border Crossers Fill Shelters

Every day the crisis isn’t solved, the burden on services paid for by Canadians will keep getting worse.

Toronto Mayor John Tory says that despite frequent appeals for help dealing with a totally overwhelmed shelter system, “We just haven’t had any indication of any help at all. Zero.”

According to a report, ‘“I just don’t think that’s fair,” he said of a growing crisis that is expected to cost municipal taxpayers at least $64.5 million in 2017 and 2018.

Tory said the city has a “crisis on our hands” as college dorm rooms are transformed into shelter spaces and public buildings like community centres might be next.”

The crisis has already overwhelmed the shelter system (which is supposed to be for homeless Torontonians) to the point where there officials are scrambling to find other places that can be used to shelter those who entered Canada illegally.

The Trudeau government has made the problem even worse in Toronto, by offering free transportation to the “preferred” destination of illegal crossers, many of whom have chosen to go to Toronto.

Meanwhile, the cost of the strain being put on services is being borne by taxpayers and citizens. Many citizens in need of help will be left out, because the Trudeau government has refused to deal with the border crisis, and has created a situation in which there are massive incentives to cross illegally, and punishments for those who the government is supposed to be working for.

The fact that Trudeau is ignoring Toronto’s need for help – and the need for help across Canada as the crisis escalates – is a disgrace, and is yet more evidence that Canadian citizens come last in Trudeau’s hierarchy of service.

Spencer Fernando

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Let’s get real: Mayor Tory was quite happy to proclaim Toronto a “sanctuary city” and receive the accolades for so doing. Now the cost of same is coming in, he is 1) figuring out how to displace native-born Canadians from the already over-burdened queues for public housing and other aid; and, 2) pass the cost of his “sanctuary city” policy on to the rest of us taxpayers, either in the form of extra taxes or in having to find ourselves bumped in the queue for rapidly less accessible health services for the incomers. Mayor Tory: you invited them in; you… Read more »


So Torontonians love the notion of letting everyone and their dog unaccountably into Canada, and by their very support of the Howarth NDPs, believe that sanctuary cities are just dandy. Well there you go Toronto – this is but a taste of what’s to come.

Ron Voss

With leftist Toronto Mayor John Tory declaring Toronto a sanctuary city, cry me a river!


Ontario needs a Provincial leader that will stand up to The idiot Prime Minister. Toronto needs a ‘Mayor with a Pair.’ A Tory but not John.

Christian moehling

Total crap .trudummm worst ever…..


The solution is EASY. Just impose a MORATORIUM ON Toronto sanctuary status as of May 25, 2018. PROBLEM SOLVED!


Trudeau and his corrupt liberal government is destroying Canada. Canadian citizens who pay the taxes, doesn’t want NWO and sanctuary cities, or illegal immigrants to support. Deport them back to the USA it’s not Canada’s problem, diversity is not our Strength it is our weakness. Trudeau is a disgrace. A nation without borders is not Country.