WEAK: Wynne Liberals ‘Bombshell’ Doug Ford Story Turns Out To Be A Dud

A ‘recording’ of Ford signing up a potential supporter is all the Liberals have after a decade and a half in power? Pathetic.

The Ontario Liberals are desperate.

Their poll numbers are collapsing, and people aren’t buying into their lies and deceptions anymore.

So, what does a desperate party do?

Ramp up the fake smear machine.

And that’s exactly what they did with a so-called ‘bombshell’ recording of Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford.

Unfortunately for the Liberals, the ‘bombshell’ turned out to be a dud.

You can listen to the recording yourself:

Imagine how out of touch the Liberals have to be to think that this 55 second recording somehow equals their horrendous waste of billions of dollars and their endless scandals.

Things like this happen in every nomination race, and everybody knows it. For the Liberals, NDP, or elitist media to think this is a big deal is absurd. After all, it was already addressed many years ago.

What we are seeing is a full onslaught by the elites to destroy Doug Ford and destroy the movement of the people who want lower taxes, efficient government, and real accountability.

At this point, it’s obvious that not only is Doug Ford running against the Liberals and NDP, but he’s also being forced to run against the media as well.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter