BREAKING: PCs Allege Ontario NDP Candidate Posted “Pro-Nazi Meme” & Called Canadian Soldiers “Slaughtering Machine”

NDP candidate Tasleem Riaz is being accused of horrendous statements that raise huge questions about what the NDP are really about.

In a series of tweets and a press conference, the Ontario PCs are alleging that Horwath-NDP candidate Tasleem Riaz called Canadian soldiers “a slaughtering machine,” and shared a “pro-Nazi meme” on Facebook.

The tweets can be seen below:

“Meet Tasleem Riaz, the NDP candidate in Scarborough-Agincourt. She called our brave men and women in uniform a “slaughtering machine”

“Meet Tasleem Riaz, the NDP candidate in Scarborough-Agincourt. She shared a pro-Nazi meme on Facebook.”

Ontario MPP Todd Smith held a press conference to discuss Riaz’s comments:

NDP to face intense scrutiny as election day approaches

With polls showing the NDP either in the lead, or surging, they are going to face more scrutiny than ever before.

A whole bunch of their candidates are radical extremists, and that radicalism is something the NDP has been desperately trying to hide as they try to gain power.

The real question now is whether the media will do the right thing and widely report on these horrendous comments, or whether they will try to sweep it under the rug and help the NDP win.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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CSIS and the RCMP will be looking into the statements Riaz has made. Could they be considered treason?

It seems the NDP hatred of and for Canada isn’t just limited to BC.


Treason is attempting to overthrow the government or murder of the head of state or monarch…….so no this isnt treason


Seriously Derek – that’s the best comment you can come up with from the words of such a despicable NDP candidate. The dictionary also defines “treason” as a betrayal or disloyalty, so yes I would say this pathetic excuse of a political candidate qualifies through her hateful comments. But hey, if you are so enthralled by her by all means vote for the fool!

Leo Frey

One of the definitions of treason Derek is being disloyal to your country which she is.

Kim Bruce

No, CSIS and the RCMP only respond to anti-Islamist statements. They are under Liberal control now.


I am not being racist, just telling it like I know it first hand, a lot of the newer families and their friends, arriving in Canada, who have been through the division and hate agenda the racist Lieberal/NDP are doing here now, to destroy countries, the rich globalist hate and divide agenda, then lying and blaming other groups, or nations, some have been so fooled and indoctrinated to these agendas, they keep hating, and cannot find peace and security, just want to go home and be able to live like they did before their boundaries were broken, and their countries… Read more »

Shawn Harris

The NDP party is the party of the extreme left wing ,as they have proven this by not only attracting candidates, but even approving them to run for office carrying the NDP banner. You can be sure the NDP is riddled with these kinds and types of candidates, because there policies align very well with the beliefs of those radical candidates. The NDP is the party that produces such campaign platforms such as the leap manifesto, which would have go backwards to the pre first industrial revolution. They also dispise our military with an even greater hatred than Trudeau and… Read more »

Ana Gomes

Between the NDP and the so called Liberals there is no difference The Trudeau’s Libs as the degree of subversive thinking is concerned. The Trudeau’s Libs, having no brains beyond Mr. Butts’, or having only brains in their butts, which is the same, robbed all the thunder of extremism from the NDP, and certainly surpassed all expectations as ideology is concerned.Now we have 2 political parties trying to govern by Not Ethics but Ethnics, and betraying and subverting the interests of this country as if by sacrificing Canadian characteristics, the world would became a better place. Trudeau discovered somewhere the… Read more »


As a proud Veteran with 30 yrs Service I find the comments totally discussing. I was never a slaughtering machine; but a Peacekeeper. I was sent to protect the rights of individuals who were being persecuted by other groups. This is the second NDP candidate who’s insulted the Military, are this the individuals you what to represent you? I think now, remember the Quebec Ice Storm, the Toronto Snow Storm, the Winnipeg flood, the wildfires in BC and on and on. We have been there to protect our country and yet individuals still treat us like this. Shame on the… Read more »

Clive Edwards

The NDP are not the “extreme left wing” of Canadian and provincial politics. In BC there has been no difference between the Gordon Campbell Liberals and any of the succeeding governments no matter which party is in power. They are all shafting British Columbians, who are still considered Canadians the last time I looked, and selling us out to the globalist corporations. Gordon Campbell got his reward by a government posting to London, England. I wonder what Turdo-s reward will be for serving the Anglo American Frog establishment. But to the point of Spencer’s article – the woman in question… Read more »