BREAKING: Peel Regional Police Say Two Suspects Behind Attack Blast At Mississauga Restaurant That Left At Least 15 People Injured, 3 Critically

Images of the suspects have been released. In the wake of the blast, authorities say three people have suffered critical injuries and were taken to a trauma centre.

A blast at an Indian restaurant in Mississauga has injured at least 15 people, with three people suffering critical injuries.

One witness said the explosion he heard was ‘“A big one … I was in the bathroom with my kid, so I came out and everybody’s hidden there,” he said, adding he saw broken glass and blood.”

In a Tweet, Peel Paramedics shared details on the number of people injured:

have transported 15 pts. from The Bombay Bhel restaurant in Mississauga. 3 pts. were taken to trauma centres with critical blast injuries.”

According to a report, “Police said they received a call about the explosion in the plaza near Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue just after 10:30 p.m. and the plaza remained sealed off early Friday. Andre Larrivee, who lives in a nearby condo, says he was watching television and heard a loud explosion. “It was really loud,” he said, comparing the noise to an electric generator that had exploded at a nearby construction site recently.”

The Peel Regional Police are now saying that two suspects are behind the attack. Police say the suspects “detonated an Improvised Explosive Device.” They released images of the suspects below:

Video from the aftermath of the blast can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

Photos/Videos – Twitter

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As our fake foreign puppet Lieberal/NDP socialist government, divides us into different radical hating groups, we will see these things happening more and more as we fight each other. Instead of unifying, together and getting rid of these Puppet Lieberal/NDP globalists, who are doing this to Canada. This fake unCanadian government needs to be charged as traitors, before they destroy a once law abiding well off country. Let us unify, work together, all of us, and take our country back, it is almost to late. Divided we fall, work together get out of this huge debt we never should have… Read more »


An indian restaurant in Mississauga, a moslem majority/stronghold area; it’s either a ramadan jihad marathon (considering just a week ago islamic revolutionary force threatened to attack ontario beaches) Or could be some business rival trying to drive his competitor out (drive-by-shooting are very common among east-indian/punjabi diaspora in Surrey, BC usually done by people in trucking/construction business trying to shoot out & scare away their competitors over trucking or construction contracts).