Despite Four Hours Of Questioning, Hussen Provides No Plan To Solve Illegal Border Crossing Crisis

Instead of real answers, Canadians got a bunch of meaningless talking points.

As the illegal border crossing crisis continues, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen was questioned for four hours by Opposition MPs.

In all that time, he refused to give any substantive answers as to how the Trudeau government will deal with the crisis.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “The Immigration Minister is refusing to say whether the federal government will seek the power to automatically turn away thousands of refugee claimants who walk across the border under an asylum agreement with the United States.”

When Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel asked whether Hussen would take action by declaring the entire border an official point of entry – a common sense proposal which would deal with the loophole letting people enter illegally – Hussen said “Transforming the whole border into a port of entry would be impractical in terms of providing border and immigration services along its entire length, which is 9,000 kilometres.” 

You know what’s even more impractical? Letting our entire border be treated like a joke.

Hussen is refusing to take action, and his weak approach will only make the crisis worse.

By showing no willingness to stand up for our border, the Trudeau government is sending the message that Canada is open to everyone who wants to cross illegally, and all that people have to do is get into the country and they’re home free.

While people seeking to legally immigrate to Canada and legitimate refugees are forcibly pushed to the back of the line, illegal border crossers get access to services paid for by the taxpayers, transportation paid for by the taxpayers, welfare paid for by the taxpayers, and work permits.

All of it is a huge incentive to cross illegally, and Hussen’s ‘performance’ during the four hour grilling shows that the crisis won’t be ending anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Hussen does not know how to make a decision. He does not have the skills to make a decision.

Joseph Derek McGeown

I ask the Immigration Minister Hussen to please make the right decision towards my complaint of Immigration Fraud.

willem stolk

That`s not true, he already made a decision, but it`s not the one we like.


The Government needs to tell us that the below percentages are real or not.
80% need hospital, Doctor, or Dental care.
11% have criminal records.
3% are dangerous offenders.
1% are rapists.
1% are terrorists.
5% have communicable diseases.
10% require mental treatment.


Spencer, take a look:
Canada’s Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan reads the Quran, fasts during Ramadan

Ed R Peebles

We used to Have Learned People in Previous Canadian Government , now we have a Bunch of Social rejects that cannot contain Themselves ,Let alone run the nation !

Ed P.


Is there a lawyer in the audience who thinks a tax revolt is warranted? Perhaps a class action suit? We have no 2nd amendment equivalent to respond to tyranny from government. This government is placing Canadians in danger by not enforcing the law.

Allis Chalmers

Trudeau turning Canada into a hell hole

David MacKAY

Hussan posturing in the 4 hours of questioning, ad to that his being appointed by Trudeau and supported by Trudeau places Hussan as being representative of Trudeau’s middle finger being directed at Canadians and that this problem will not be dealt with during their administrations hold on power. Benign dictators such as Trudeau really do not even need to respond to public inquiry – Why respond?

Ivan Hawkes

Could it be more obvious that the LIEberal (so called) government has absolutely no intention whatsoever of stopping the illegal border crossings. Some mysterious and secret “AGENDA” exists in the miniature minds of the LIEberal attempt at being a government. What a squiashy, loose, soft, and ridiculous attempt they present at actually being a government. The complete and utterly incompetent pretending at any kind of decision making and or governing of the country of Canada has been dropped by the LIEberals. They are completely ineffective, they are stupid and moronic in their statements and actions, they are incompetent and irresponsible,… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Once he declared that we had no borders, he, in fact, stated that we had no country. That act us described in every dictionary as an ‘act of treason.’ Considering that reality, if nothing else, where are the principled lawyers willing to take legal action?

Sorry, I just reread that paragraph and I apologize for swearing by using the words ‘principled’ and ‘lawyers’ in the same sentence.

Shakespeare was right when he intoned: “The first thing we do is hang all the lawyers.”


If they can just cross the border without documentation, which would most likely be bogus anyway, what’s to stop these people from flying in?


If we have no borders, no country, then we no longer have any responsibility to pay money to a hostile dictator who is intent on causing our genocide & destruction. …. justin is breaking the law – both international refugee law & our US-Canada agreement which both state refugees must seek refuge in the 1st safe country they enter, & moreover the US-Canada agreement specifically states that refugees CANNOT seek refuge status by crossing the common border. . Moreover, these invaders are obviously almost all lying. They’ve been told what to say. There should be a judge to hear the… Read more »