DISGRACEFUL: Ontario NDP Candidate Says People Who Oppose Sanctuary Province Scheme Are Anti-Immigration Misogynists

NDP candidate Joel Harden says “we won’t budge an inch on this” when it comes to making Ontario a “sanctuary province.”

As the Ontario NDP get more scrutiny, more and more radical statements are emerging from their candidates.

Ontario NDP candidate Joel Harden – running in Ottawa Centre – recently demonized everyone who opposes turning Ontario into a sanctuary province.

“We want to make Ontario a Sanctuary Province. I’m proud that @AndreaHorwath has led this charge in the face of terrible misogyny, anti-immigration and white supremacist intolerance, especially online. This far-right backlash won’t work: we won’t budge an inch on this.”

So, in Joel Harden’s world, opposing the idea that anyone in Canada illegally should get free services paid for by Ontario taxpayers makes someone a misogynist white supremacist who opposes immigration.


And yet, the idea of making Ontario a sanctuary province is a far-left radical idea, and it’s opposed by the overwhelming majority of people.

Even Toronto Mayor John Tory – who supported declaring Toronto a “sanctuary city” – is now begging the federal government for help as services get overwhelmed by illegal border crossers. Having the entire province as a “sanctuary province” would make things far worse.

Of course, it’s no surprise to see what Harden said. The NDP is a radical far-left party, and they are using Andrea Horwath’s moderate image to try and distract people from what they really stand for.

After all, Harden is a supporter of the Leap Organization, based upon the radical Leap Manifesto that would destroy our economy.

This is what the NDP really stands for, and that disturbing truth needs to get out there before it’s too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Vote the NDP out and vote in Ford. We don’t need all these illegals coming in living off of hard working taxpayers while they get all the benefits. Out the door and don’t come back and vote Joel Harden out also.

Don Piche

Gerri, You do realize that the ENTIRE NDP Party (not just Joel Harden) want to make Ontario a Sanctuary Province in order to bring in MORE ILLEGALS right? They are just as bad as the Liberals, if not worse than them – and have worked together quietly behind the scenes to back each others Policies. These 2 Political Parties are but 2 sides of the same Double-Headed coin & a vote for one is pretty much a vote for the other… The only illusion is for Us, (the voting public) to think they are separate & distinct entities in order… Read more »

Kim Bruce

Gerri, the NDP are not in power; the Libtards are. So we must vote Kathleen Wynne and the Libtards out of power but ensure the other far left-wing parties like the NDP’s and Greens are completely destroyed. I want a Conservative majority in Parliament…both Provincial and Federally. We can do this!


ya like all our politicians are already doing…


Harden, would you please provide the names and pictures of the four or five illegals you currently have in your home and a rough figure on how much you are spending to feed them? We would also like to hear of their skills and qualifications for employment and why they didn’t fly directly to Canada rather than going first to the States and then sneaking across the border?

Could it be that they know they are inadmissable and chose to bypass the legal system?


I bet they will expect Alberta to support them with equalization payments for this rìdiculous idea. I understand why the payments are there but if the province purposely makes themselves BROKE why should I pay for that.


NP. We can send them all the bills directly to their home address if they want to be so generous.


If they thought Wynne was bad, and she really is. Horwath, is really bad, she is right in there with the Lieberals, and worse, let the weak fake Conservative, turned Lieberal/NDP mayor cry for more money for Toronto, how much more money can the Lieberal/NDP borrow to support their dirty destructive agenda. Ontario is broken, living on debt, believing the lies these propaganda parties promise. These people must be swept out of Canada or we will go down this painful dirty path they have set for us. Please, Vote Doug ford for Ontario, or many of us will be poor… Read more »


oh yes, I am a woman and I deeply feel the hate aimed at me by the Lieberal/NDP division and hate party.


So how many “Illegals”is this Guy Joel and Andrea going to House, Feed, Clothe? I can probably Guess..Zero? In the City I live in a Huge Homeless Crises…Where are the Hordes going to live? Toronto is temporarily opening College Dorms..Temporary, Band Aid Solution…

Joel and Andrea are out of their NDP Minds!


YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!! Sanctuary cities will destroy Canada, even worse, than it has already been destroyed. I don’t want to pay taxes to support these illegal immigrants, free lifestyle, It not fair! You can call me, racist I don’t care. If these people want to come to Canada, come in the right way, get your papers, get a job like any other Canadians citizens. The NDP and Liberals don’t care about us taxpayers and for our safety they only want power!


I’m having a very difficult time with this entire NDP mantra.
Seriously, what are they thinking? We will not only be paying a high price financially, but social problems to come will be immense.

Very sad to think people can’t see past this !!

VOTE DOUG FORD for a better Ontario.

Joe miotti

If you people TRULY want to destroy your province, the N.D.P. will do it in short time. Just look west at Alberta and B.C. And you will get a carbon tax too boot.




I hear Justin Trudeau has lots of space at his house. Let’s create a tent city there. And given that Canada has provided 2 nannies to look after their kids, Sophie can wait on them – she would make an excellent maid!

chris malmstrom

NDP should be living in California, maybe then they’d see what sanctuary province/state looks like … they’re crying because they’ve found that it’s unaffordable, and they’re warring with the feds over funding … not to mention that the crime rate is soaring and Californians are moving out! Joel Harden should be thrown out of Canada along with the entire NDP masquerade.


The Ontario NDP get dumber by the day. I can’t believe Ontario is that blind that they would vote for either Wynne or Horwath but the news reports say that Ford and Horwath are running almost even. Surely Ontarian’s are not that stupid but then again they voted in Wynne a second term so maybe they are.

Wendy Lush

Joel Harden… Wow. What a tit. What is he, 16 years old? Praying his type are NEVER in power.

That’s the trouble with lefties; they are so … irrational.

NDP = No Damned Pragmatism

S. Lamoureux

When are we going to start having referenda on such things as sanctuary cities and sanctuary provinces??? Tired that we are NEVER consulted.