DISGRACEFUL: Ontario NDP Candidate Says People Who Oppose Sanctuary Province Scheme Are Anti-Immigration Misogynists

NDP candidate Joel Harden says “we won’t budge an inch on this” when it comes to making Ontario a “sanctuary province.”

As the Ontario NDP get more scrutiny, more and more radical statements are emerging from their candidates.

Ontario NDP candidate Joel Harden – running in Ottawa Centre – recently demonized everyone who opposes turning Ontario into a sanctuary province.

“We want to make Ontario a Sanctuary Province. I’m proud that @AndreaHorwath has led this charge in the face of terrible misogyny, anti-immigration and white supremacist intolerance, especially online. This far-right backlash won’t work: we won’t budge an inch on this.”

So, in Joel Harden’s world, opposing the idea that anyone in Canada illegally should get free services paid for by Ontario taxpayers makes someone a misogynist white supremacist who opposes immigration.


And yet, the idea of making Ontario a sanctuary province is a far-left radical idea, and it’s opposed by the overwhelming majority of people.

Even Toronto Mayor John Tory – who supported declaring Toronto a “sanctuary city” – is now begging the federal government for help as services get overwhelmed by illegal border crossers. Having the entire province as a “sanctuary province” would make things far worse.

Of course, it’s no surprise to see what Harden said. The NDP is a radical far-left party, and they are using Andrea Horwath’s moderate image to try and distract people from what they really stand for.

After all, Harden is a supporter of the Leap Organization, based upon the radical Leap Manifesto that would destroy our economy.

This is what the NDP really stands for, and that disturbing truth needs to get out there before it’s too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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