Federal Budget Deficit Hit $19.4 Billion In 2017-2018, Another Broken Promise From Trudeau

Justin Trudeau promised a deficit of no more than $10 billion in 2017-2018. Instead, it’s almost double that.

The budget deficit for last fiscal year should have been no more than $10 billion.

And next year, it should have been on the way to being balanced.

Of course, that would only have been the case if Justin Trudeau could keep his promises, and we’ve all seen that he can’t.

Instead, the budget deficit for 2017-2018 is projected to be $19.4 billion, adding even more to our growing national debt.

This is a clear betrayal of Canadians, millions of whom voted for Trudeau expecting small budget deficits and a clear timetable for a balanced budget.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s February budget projected five more years of deficits, declining in size from $18.1-billion in 2018-19 to $12.3-billion in 2022-23. Mr. Morneau has not announced a firm date for erasing the deficit, even though Conservative MPs have repeatedly asked him to set a timeline.”

Of course, the issue is not that “Conservative MPs have repeatedly asked him to set a timeline,” the issue is that the Trudeau government already told us that the timeline for a balanced budget was 2019. It was a campaign promise that they pledged to keep.

Instead, they broke that promise and have no plan for getting back to balance.

Not only does this make us more vulnerable economically – especially amid rising interest rates – but it also makes it clear that no promise made by Trudeau in the upcoming election can be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

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Ed R Peebles

We all KNOW that he is a compulsive liar. so it is the Canadian folly that we allowed him to Suck Us all into His latest Fairytale !



Trudeau is a disgrace, he doesn’t care about us taxpayers, his famous words the budget will balance itself, the budget will balance itself when he Bankrupt Canada.


Trudeau is a disgrace, he is a lair and care nothing for us taxpayers. His outrageous spending is putting us in economical despair. Trudeau famous words, the budget will balance itself, yes it will when he Bankrupts Canada.

Dale Ireland

The budget will only be balanced if and when we re-elect the PC party. Hopefully with Stephen Harper as P.M. When this incompetent liberal government was elected the PC’s under Stephen Harper left them a 3 billion $ surplus which they immediately squandered. They have since then given away billions of our tax dollars to already oil-rich countries who support jihad. Then they hand out billions more to their cronies in Quebec (Bombardier) not to mention the hundreds of thousands they have spent of our money on vacations, nannies, meals prepared in their official residence, and, then transported to the… Read more »


Imagine if our governments were not building these huge debts, with billions of huge interest payments yearly. If our debt was paid up, we would not need these deficits and we would be a well off country, running efficiently.

Van Wyck

Trudeau is an idiot. The only other bigger idiots are the idiots who voted for the idiot. Shame, really.

Tommy Hawk

NO promise made by Trudeau at any time be trusted — period.

Wendy Lush

“Federal Budget Deficit Hit $19.4 Billion In 2017-2018, Another Broken Promise From Trudeau”

No wonder JT has such a big nose – he lies like Pinocchio.

What do you expect from this world-renown economics expert with a doctorate degree (still fresh off the NYU presses).

Seriously, he’s just like his father, a tinpot dictator blowing the country’s budget on his hair-brained schemes. God help us.

old white guy

Trudeau can’t count. he does not have enough fingers, and he does not know what toes are. trust fund silver spoon socialists should never be elected to any office ever. bob Rae is a classic example of how much damage they can do.

Bill Donaldson

I post these articles to facebook in the group, “No to the Liberals & NDP.”