FORUM POLL: Ontario NDP Lead PCs By 14 Points, Projected To Win MAJORITY Government

The Liberals have collapsed to historic lows, and the PCs are falling.

A new poll by Forum Research – who had previously been projecting a Ford-PC majority government – has some stunning new numbers.

The Ontario NDP now lead with a whopping 47% of the vote, while 33% say they plan to vote PC.

While the NDP have gained a small amount of support from the PCs, the main factor behind their surging numbers is the total collapse of the Ontario Liberals.

Wynne’s party is now down to just 14% of the vote, a historic low for the once-dominant political machine.

NDP majority projected

For all of those – including myself – who think an NDP win would be a disaster, it would be tempting to dismiss these numbers.

And yet, both Ekos and Mainstreet Research are showing the same trend: A surging NDP, the PCs losing support, and the Liberals in free-fall.

At this point, the trend is quite clear: The effort by the establishment elites to demonize Doug Ford is working, and if the election were held today the Ontario NDP would win.

Of course, the election is not being held today. There is still time for everyone to consider the true implications of putting the high-tax socialist in power.

The NDP has a roster that includes many extremist candidates, and they have received much of a free pass so far. But now, with both the Ontario PCs and Liberals fighting for their political survival, expect the next two weeks to feature a desperate anti-socialist push that exceeds anything we’ve ever seen before.

If you’re a supporter of Ford Nation you can’t afford to hope that the polls are wrong. Get every supporter of fiscal responsibility out to vote, warn everyone you know about the danger of electing the NDP, and don’t let these polls demoralize you.

Ontario still has time to reject socialism, but that time is running out.

Read the full Forum Research Poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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With the NDP Ontario will become a sanctuary province. Already Toronto is a sanctuary city and IT IS A COMPLETE DISASTER. We invite all NDP voters to financially support the NDP sanctuary province project. All others will be off the hook.


Are people that easy fooled and swayed?
An NDP majority is another Liberal government, except on steroids.
DON’T give up on Doug Ford, he is the only one that will help us turn Ontario around.
DON’T believe the desperate attempts at propaganda / distractions these devious opponents are slinging.


We have: haves with real good jobs and lots of money elitists and globalists supporters, and then we have: the have nots, who work for little money,and precarious off and on work and can not afford much and the getting larger population of people who are living off government social assistance, who want all these tax paid goodies that these NDP/Lieberal handouts, just to survive. They are afraid that their nanny state money will be cut off, as the NDP/Lieberals have been telling us will happen. Brainwashed. All these people do not realize that as our debt grows so fast,… Read more »

Ron Voss

Those Ontario voters supporting the NDP and the Liberals, birds of a feather who flock together, and now engaging in strategic voting probably promoted by the leftist unions, are like lemmings heading for the cliff.


I believe the Liberal elites running the PC party would rather lose the election, just so real conservatives can not take power. This way they can come back with their pick Eliot or Mulroney next go around.


If the NDP win then all you people who complained about them deserve to suffer more but those who won’t will have to suffer also. The union is backing the NDP and like sheep you follow. Ford is the best choice and it is time to make that change so smarten up and do what’s best for Ontario and certainly not the NDP. Remember, you reap what you sow just like all the idiots who voted for the looney tune Trudeau and made the rest of us suffer.

Gerald Goldlist

We just got this interesting email from Doug Ford about:

Forum released a poll saying the NDP is at 47%, with us at 33%.


PC: 40% NDP: 36%



The pollsters and the media are ganging up to try to keep us down.

Abraham Schepell

A vote for Doug is a vote to support bankers lawyers big business and Bay Street interests.


I see, tell how you really feel, moron!

Sarah Farina


I already did exactly that. I take it you are voting for Doug Ford and confirming that you are an idiot and willfully ignorant? Way to go!


Please tell us how you really feel!

Ron MacDonald

I don’t believe a word of it.

Nicola Timmerman

Ladies who voted for Trudeau because he was cute won’t vote for ugly mean Doug Ford. Andrea looks like them and is nice. Let’s keep living on maxed credit cards until mean Moody’s tells us our interest rates will mean even more of our government budget will go directly to interest payment.