PATHETIC: Billion Dollar CBC Runs Hit-Piece On Steeper 33 YouTube Account Because It Gets More Views Than They Do

Why is our taxpayer funded broadcaster attacking a Canadian YouTuber instead of researching things like the Ontario NDP radical extremist candidates?

As you may have seen, I often share videos of what’s happening in the House of Commons.

Some of those videos are from Twitter, and many of them are from YouTube. And many of those YouTube videos have been compiled by Steeper33, one of the fastest growing and most watched YouTube accounts in Canada.

Steeper33 often gets far more videos on their YouTube channel than the Billion Dollar Taxpayer Funded CBC gets, an amazing feat considering it’s probably one or two people running the account compared to CBC’s massive bureaucracy.

So, in light of CBC’s pathetic failure to compete with accounts like Steeper33, you would think they would go back to the drawing board and figure out why so much of their content fails to find an audience – despite the billions they forcibly take from our tax dollars.


Instead, they ran a hit piece on Steeper 33.

In the article, they call Steeper33 a “9/11 Truther” and even went to the trouble of using an algorithm to “discover” why Steeper33’s videos got such a strong response.

Even more pathetically, they found someone from the elitist “Wilson Centre in Washington, D.C.” who said “I absolutely think this is dangerous to the civil discourse. This is just more and more polarizing, and making people exist on extremes where they didn’t exist before,” supposedly because of ‘sensationalized’ headlines.

What a disgrace. CBC tries to make their failure to get as big an audience as another YouTube Channel seem like a danger to society, rather than evidence that millions of Canadians reject CBC’s far-left agenda and bias.

CBC’s article is a classic hit-piece, which ironically uses the exact same kind of ‘sensationalized headline’ they’re criticizing. Even worse, by trying to demonize a Canadian YouTuber because they get more views than other accounts, CBC is attacking everyone who supports that YouTube channel, contributing to the very polarization they claim to oppose.

Why isn’t CBC investigating radical candidates from the Ontario NDP instead of going after a Canadian YouTuber?

Personally, I don’t agree with the ‘9/11 truther’ movement. While governments often lie to the people, it is clear that 9/11 was perpetrated by Al Qaeda, and was not an inside job.

With that in mind however, the fact that CBC is trying to demonize Steeper 33 for old videos that the account apparently shared many years ago is a disgrace.

While CBC attacks Steeper 33, it was left up to the PC Party of Ontario to expose the fact that an Ontario NDP candidate had shared a “pro-Hitler” meme and had called Canadian soldiers “a slaughtering machine.” CBC should have been the one to find that out, considering the gigantic amount of investigative resources they have because of all the tax money they gouge away from us.

But nope, instead they attacked a YouTube channel because it manages to get more views than they do. Also, their hit-piece note that they “believe” they know who is behind the account, an interesting ambiguity for such a stridently demonizing hit-piece.

And if you thought CBC couldn’t get even more hypocritical and pathetic, it turns out that they did an episode in 2009 that itself cast doubt on 9/11 – the same thing they tried demonizing Steeper33 for.

The real issue of course is that CBC is embarrassed. Despite their gigantic amount of taxpayer funding, and despite the fact that they get to act both as a private company and as a public company whenever it suits their interests, a few hard-working Canadians in independent media can regularly get a bigger audience.

So, CBC – acting like a massive taxpayer-funded authoritarian – are trying to demonize, attack, and destroy those who get a bigger audience, and who attack the leftist politicians the CBC is so desperate to prop up.

It’s a pathetic disgrace, and it’s yet another reason that CBC has no right to force us to give them so much tax money.

If you want to voluntarily contribute to a good cause, you can contribute to Steeper 33 here.

Canadians won’t let the CBC get away with garbage hit-pieces without them going unchallenged.

Spencer Fernando