CLUELESS: Trudeau Says Canadians Are ‘Reassured’ By Illegal Border Crossers Being “Processed”

No Justin, Canadians want the illegal crossings to stop. That would be reassuring.

Processing people coming into Canada illegally is literally the least the government can do. Anything less would be total chaos.

And in fact, the government should be doing far more, including standing up for our border and stopping the illegal crossings from taking place.

As many have pointed out, a country without a border isn’t really a sovereign nation at all.

And yet, Justin Trudeau is so arrogant, clueless, and out of touch with Canadians that he thinks Canadians are “reassured” by the fact that illegal border crossers are being processed.

Take a look at his comments in the video below:

As usual, Trudeau is totally wrong.

First of all, Canadians are not reassured by a huge surge of illegal border crossings. Just the opposite. After all, polls show the majority of Canadians oppose the Trudeau government’s handling (AKA mishandling) of the border, and a majority want a tougher response.

Second, Trudeau is once again doing a huge disservice to people who came to Canada the legal way. People from around the world who joined the Canadian family by following the rules showed respect for our country – even before they were citizens. To lump them in with those disrespecting our laws by crossing illegally is insulting, and actually risks reducing support for legal immigration – the very opposite of what Trudeau claims to be supporting.

And finally, Trudeau took another opportunity to try and divide Canadians, by insinuating that people who want a tougher approach to the border are ‘fear-mongering.’

While all this is happening, the government continues their refusal to actually fix the problem, and in many parts of our country our social services are being overwhelmed. None of that has an impact on Trudeau and his elitist friends, but it certainly hurts the Canadian people who Justin Trudeau is failing to serve.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau just makes things up. This is the same BS as the comment that the main question he’s asked by Canadians is ‘how do we get more immigrants into Canada?’ Trudeau refuses to give straight answers to legitimate questions and then makes up questions to which he gives ‘straight’ answers.

Don Piche

Spencer: Trudeau is Not Clueless – This is just part of his Shtick to fool the People. I Personally believe He is a Main Participant (but if he gave up playing the fool that would Red-Pill Too many of the hapless fools in his base of support). He has carefully crafted the art of saying one thing while doing the complete opposite – all while his supposed Ministers sit on their hands & bobble their heads in Parliament while listening to or taking questions in the H.O.C.. It is a Saboteur’s dream of tossing in the proverbial monkey-wrench into the… Read more »

Brad Mills

Trudeau hand picked his cabinet.. the prerequisite standard was to have an IQ 2 points higher than a plant. They just have to sit there and shake their heads in the yes motion … hang in there for seven years and will get a full pension for life!


is it not clear enough that Justin Trudeau’s is abusing his entitlement to lend his views to all Canadians EVEN WHEN THEY OBVIOUSLY DISAGREE with him; that makes him a deceitful, lying , non caring, individual who obtained his position as a result of promises which he did not keep – it is expected that Canadians have NOW opened their eyes and hopefully will vote him out as easily as they voted this nondescript unfit creature OUT

Sewer Rat


Lynn Gasbarino

Lying as usual! He’s an embarrassment to our Country! We don’t want any illegal immigrants – we want the border closed down. People are more than welcome in Canada if they apply and enter legally! This nonsense at the ‘southern’ border is a sham! How can they ask for asylum when they are fleeing the U.S.? We’re not at war. Either Trump builds a fence to keep them in, or we citizens will build a fence to keep them out.


Yes a fence, what happened to the supposed 180billion dollars they had for infrastructure, we actual Canadians should put it to good use. We have to make sure the Liberals are all put on the other side away from Canada, since they are foreign puppets, yes a fence sounds great!

Elizabeth Thorne



Canadians can be re-assured, does he mean like processed cheese? And, Canadians voted this wimp into power!

Very sad indeed


the more this dimwit opens his mouth and nothing makes sense,the more people cant stand him,and that smirk on his face.

Terry Black

He is full of it! ( BS ) Canadians’ absolutely despise how his Government has lost control of the immigration system!
Everybody is up in the air and they are wimp mouthing about processing and paying out undeserved welfare!Which really makes Canadian Taxpayers absolutely Pissed off!


One again Spencer, you have hit the bullseye on how utterly ignorant Justin Trudeau truly is.


Trudeau is the worst enemy of Canada and the Canadian taxpayers, We don’t want to support any illegal immigrants!

Moe S.

Canadians should literally take Trudeau’s comment of ‘processing illegals’ as confirmation his government is and will continue to facilitate illegal immigration, while outright allowing illegal border crossers to break Canadian immigration laws. While Trudeau ‘reassures’ Canadians the illegal migrants are being processed, he fails to tell the Canadian people his gov’t allows the illegals to collect welfare services Canadian taxpayers have paid for. “Welcome to the free-for-all Canadian dream.” Oops! I guess I’m ‘fear mongering.’

Chris vrecko

I don’t know anyone that is reassured, he is so impressed with himself, hey like ‘Kim JuUn!’
God help us.


Tell a big Lie enough times… people may start to believe it.

That’s what your Communist Mentors say…. right Justine.

Kristine Bodnaruk

people who agree with illegal crossing have no respect for Canadians and Trudeau proves that to us daily, a disgrace to run Canada this way and shove the expense to the taxpayers is o disrespect for our laws and culture we are a civilized country, not a barbaric state

Glen Runowski

Notice when Justin says that the “Responsible” processing of “Irregular” migrants is reassuring to Canadians. I think he means, reassuring two Canadians. lol. I’d like to know which two.


A problem the gov’t created to purposefully dismantle the nation isn’t something they can fix. This dismantling is their fix. The problem is us who never saw that it wasn’t broke so didn’t need a fix. When the gov’t breaks it, they break their oath of office to uphold the laws of the land … and some laws are for the purpose of security and sovereignty. Breaking those amount to treason for securing our borders is in the realm of war.


I own the accusation. I am a “fear mongerer”. I fear the collapse of our social safety net; designed to help our fellow citizens. Infiltration by undesirables is not a given; but, stresses on healthcare, affordable housing, shelters, food banks, etc. is a certainty. No country, that is also a welfare state, can absorb thousands upon thousands of people, whose arrival, it did not anticipate.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau is a mindless, delusional IMBECILE!! He is the Clown Prince of Mediocrity and Canadians are fed up!!!


As usual you have hit he nail on the head we all know Trudeau must have been dropped on his head as a child ,,,, nobody could be that insensitive to the needs of all Canadians and our newest citizens wanting to make a life here in the proper fashion ,,,,,, he can’t even legalize cannabis without putting us through the ringer it would seem that Trudeau wants to be the new King pin the drug market ,,canada as a nation has so much to offer to the world and Canadians could be living a much better life ,,, but… Read more »


Please Spencer, run this tape of PMSH on Justin open border:

Stephen Harper Did Warn Canadians
Yup! Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister now known for welcoming not only refugees to Canada but also the terrorists they’re fleeing. Twitter – https://


you MR TRUDEAU are a liar we are not in any shape or form agreeable with your border jumpers we want it stopped we do not want our tax payers money to be spent on these illegals so quit your lies !!!

Tommy Hawkt

Another classic misconception of Canadians by Trudeau — actually, no a misconception, but rather ‘his opinion’ — which, as usual, is worthless.

Bobby A Whitehead

He is a total embarassment to the Canadian people,,what a looser!