REPORT: Despite Upcoming Trans Mountain Deadline, Trudeau Government Gives No Assurance On Pipeline Legislation

Are they purposely trying to push even more investment out of Canada?

Canada should be a massive magnet for investment.

We have a smart, hard-working population. We have nearly endless natural resources. We have a massive amount of space. And we are neighbours with the world’s largest economy.

And yet, instead of flowing into Canada, investment is fleeing our country like we have never seen before.

If the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline is scrapped, that investment exodus will turn into a flood.

The deadline for the pipeline decision is May 31st, and many had been hoping that the government would provide greater assurance to Kinder Morgan and the entire Canadian energy industry/potential investors by passing legislation to assert federal authority in that regard.

A sense of confidence in a good business environment is essential for economic success, but instead of providing that, the Trudeau government is doing the exact opposite.

According to a CTV interview, “Days before the deadline given by Kinder Morgan for reassurance from Ottawa that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion can go ahead, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould won’t say when — or even if — legislation is coming.”

Making things worse, the government is refusing to say whether they will support Bill S-245 which was already passed by the Senate. The bill declares the Trans Mountain expansion “to be for the general advantage of Canada,” an important designation that helps assert federal authority.

The Liberals also shouted down an effort to give unanimous consent to Bill S-245.

That means the government could easily have had the legislation brought before the House of Commons and passed quickly, yet they seem unwilling to do so for political reasons, since the Conservatives have been pushing Bill S-245 strongly.

This unfortunately fits with what I’ve said before: While the Trudeau government is pretending to support the Trans Mountain expansion – and while some individual Liberal MPs may support it – Trudeau and his top advisors seem to really want it to fail, while blaming others for its possible failure.

Hopefully for Canadians, the project will still go through, but if it does, it will be despite the Trudeau government, not because of it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Vlad Tepes

I think I see a pattern which is common to all of the nations in the EU, UN, George Soros commie cabal. Including the USA under Obama. That is, to try and spend your way into a genuine massive financial crisis while also destroying conventional means of supporting the population and threatening to end the nation state. Why? I dont know fully, but it could be to create the kind of crisis that will end the nation state as a polity and bring on the kind of internationalism that Soros is clearly trying to create by backing global mass migration… Read more »


“And yet, instead of flowing into Canada, investment is fleeing our country like we have never seen before.” That’s because actual leaders of business (qualified and intelligent ones) can see the future of Canada heading in the direction of Venezuela. How could anyone in their right mind vote for another trudeau? It isn’t as if justin or pierre hid their admiration for brutal dictators and communists. They betray our allies and stab our military in the back as thanks for their service. Nothing but treachery, betrayal, and arrogance from a disgusting family who think themselves royal.


I’ve said this some time ago. The pipeline to Burnaby will be built. We had an opportunity to be a energy self-sufficient nation by building a pipeline east to Ontario but Trudeau killed it. Trudeau wants to tie us inextricably to communist China because he’s in love with that regime. I don’t like this option one bit but it’s the only one on the table and there are a lot of unemployed oil and pipeline workers and related service industries that desperately need work. It’s sad that we have an economy that is being run in crisis mode. It doesn’t… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

I recall hearing that Rachael Notley didn’t like the oil industry, and didn’t trust that industry regarding oil spills and abandoned sites. Then with pressure from Alberta, she suddenly adapted into a fighter for the industry. Justin Turd Toe hates oil and is quoted saying “we will shut down the oil sands projects”. Obviously the premier of BC hates oil too. When they had their meeting behind closed doors to work out an arrangement, I suspect they had no intention of making it happen but wanted only to make it look like they were trying. I believe Justin Turd Toe… Read more »

Sewer Rat

I view this as how intelligent Canadian voters are. Look who is getting voted in consistently; The NDP (AKA destroyers of every economy), Liberals like Jr. who must have been declared brain dead at least three times before he was elected, and got in because of his hair. <—- People actually voted for HAIR!! HAIR! Let that sink in for a bit. And the Dippers are in a position to take Ontario. If Ontario thought Wynne was bad, well, they ain't seen nothing yet. But, seriously. We have people voting that have the IQ of a gnat for Pete's sake.… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

He caused the problem and blames everyone and everything else — typically — and even with two days left I can assure you that Kinder Morgan is not about to play any more games — they are a business and businesses operate to make a profit — ergo, there are built-in limits.