Horwath’s Hypocrisy On Radical Extremist Candidates Is Disqualifying

When candidates in other parties had controversies, Andrea Horwath called for them to be removed. But when her own candidates were caught sharing ‘pro-Hitler memes,’ attacking Remembrance Day, and calling our Canadian troops “slaughtering machines,” she refuses to take action, and expects the public to vote for them anyway.

Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP have a big problem.

People are starting to see how radical and extreme their party really is.

The NDP tried to hide behind Horwath’s fake moderate image, but now the truth is being revealed.

Here’s just a brief rundown of some of the things the NDP’s radical candidates have done/said:

Called for the biggest carbon tax on earth.
Slandered Canadian troops as war criminals and part of a “slaughtering machine.”
Attacked Remembrance Day and called it “collective brainwashing.”
Cheering the closure of mines.
Calling Ontarians opposed to a ‘sanctuary province’ “misogynists” and “anti-immigration.”
And who could forget the candidate who shared a “pro-Hitler” meme on their Facebook account.

And yet, despite calling on controversial PC candidates to resign, Andrea Horwath has refused to make even one of those candidates step down.

Through her actions, or lack of actions, Horwath is tacitly giving the impression that she supports the statements made by those candidates. And keep in mind, one of the controversial PC candidates who is still running has apologized for their past comments, signalling personal growth. By contrast, most of those NDP candidates have not apologized, and some even doubled down on their radicalism.

Of course, the reason Horwath won’t get rid of her extremist candidates is that her agenda is radical as well. Those candidates may be on the fringe of society, but they aren’t on the fringe of the NDP. A party that was once about supporting working people has now been taken over by far-left radicals, and the closer they get to power the more scrutiny they are getting.

And when it comes to power, the fact that Andrea Horwath has such a hypocritical stance should be totally disqualifying. The Ontario Premier’s office cannot be trusted to someone who demands that voters support radical candidates with extreme agendas.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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