IPSOS POLL: Ontario PCs Take Narrow Lead As NDP Loses Support

The poll shows the NDP losing three points in the last week.

A new poll by Ipsos shows the Ontario PC Party retaking the lead, with the NDP losing support.

Here are the key numbers:

PC 37%, NDP 34%, Liberal 22%

That’s a change from last week, where the NDP had 37%, the PCs 36%, and the Liberals 23%.

While other polls may show a different trend, it is notable that Ipsos shows NDP support stalling at the same time as the NDP gets increased scrutiny.

The NDP moved into the lead (or a tie for the lead) after getting a free pass from the media for the first part of the campaign. However, even the media was forced to cover the increasing number of candidate controversies that revealed the truly radical nature of the NDP.

As news of polls showing the NDP with a chance of gaining power spread, it seems more and more people are giving thought to what that really means, and some are starting to think twice about handing power to the socialists.

In addition to the top line numbers, the poll also noted that while 82% of PC voters say they are “completely certain” to vote, just 69% of NDP voters and 65% of Liberal voters say the same.

Still, with different polls saying different things, nothing is guaranteed at this point. A socialist victory is still possible, and everybody who wants to prevent it needs to rally around the PCs to stop that disaster from taking place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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