PCs Rip Ontario NDP Candidate Who Wants Highest Carbon Tax On Earth

NDP candidate Joel Harden – who demonized Canadians that oppose making Ontario a “sanctuary province,” – has called for an ever-escalating carbon tax that would reach $150/tonne. That would be the highest carbon tax on earth.

The Ontario NDP’s candidate problems continue to worsen.

The Ontario PCs have revealed that NDP candidate Joel Harden is calling for Ontario to have the highest carbon tax on earth.

According to PC candidate Stephen Lecce who brought attention to Harden’s radical views,“Joel Harden is openly crusading for a carbon tax that will increase gas taxes by 35 cents per litre,” said Lecce. “This will add $4,100 in new costs to a family with two cars.”

The PCs say “Harden’s carbon tax advocacy is the latest in a long series of exposures about NDP candidates that have included incidents of sharing Nazi memes online, accusing Canadian soldiers of committing war crimes, and advocating violence and property destruction to achieve their economic ends.”

“This is the pattern we see with Horwath,” added Lecce. “When NDP candidates slander our men and women in uniform — she does nothing. When NDP candidates share Nazi memes online — she does nothing. And now, when a star NDP candidate openly disagrees with the NDP’s public platform and calls for a 35 cents per litre carbon tax — she does nothing.”

With Ontarians already struggling to make ends meet, the radical NDP agenda would rip even more money out of taxpayers pockets, making life more expensive than ever before.

That’s why Andrea Horwath’s refusal to distance herself from radical candidates is so disturbing. If she gained power, her moderate image would quickly fade away, and middle class and working class people would be crushed under an insane tax burden.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ed R Peebles

The Carbon Tax is founded on a lie so any one that doesn’t appreciate that has got to be a fool !

Ed P.

Ron Voss

Sadly, I understand that Doug Ford in the last debate has bought into so-called man-made global warming. So if the world is going to fry why not a $150/Tonne carbon tax? It is almost immoral to believe it and do nothing.
O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
– Walter Scott


So why are the NDP is 2nd place? Why are people still supporting this political party that would make the Liberals look good?


The debate was a farce, is Doug Ford bought out now too? Very little was said about Ontario’s debt or about this huge illegal immigration, putting Ontario in greater danger of collapsing, never mind the mostly hidden unreported crime, just glimpses, before the news disappears, or it is completely un reported, censored, whatever. These Lieberal/NDP must be stopped.
Go Doug Ford, but stay centrist, and truthful, you are Ontario’s last chance.


I will at least give him credit for being honest enough to admit it. Most leftists won’t show their true agenda until they are in office.
Here in Victoria gas is $1.55 a liter. It’s even worse in Vancouver.
The left must be defeated.

Wendy Lush

Joel Harden… Wow. What a tit. What is he, 16 years old? Praying his type are NEVER in power.

That’s the trouble with lefties; they are so … irrational.

NDP = No Damned Pragmatism