REPORT: Trudeau Government Considering Nationalizing Trans Mountain

There is a possibility the federal government will buy the pipeline outright, which would be an indictment of Trudeau’s energy policies.

Justin Trudeau made a very big promise when he forced the widely-hated carbon tax on Canadians.

He said that the carbon tax would pave the way for success in Canada’s energy sector, by providing the ‘social licence’ he claimed is necessary for projects to go forward.

But now, that promise lies in shambles.

People have turned against the carbon tax, and it failed to stop the radical BC NDP from violating the constitution and blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline. Also, billions in investment has fled the country, and that exodus continues.

Now, we may have reached a situation in which the government will be forced to spend billions of our tax dollars to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline.

According to the CP, “Finance Minister Bill Morneau will announce as early as Tuesday morning where the government plans to go with Kinder Morgan to ensure the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will be built. The Canadian Press has learned there are three options on the table, which include the government buying and building the expansion, then selling it once it’s complete; and buying it on an interim basis, then selling it to investors and leaving them to handle the construction.”

If nationalization takes place it would be the second-least worst option, except for the pipeline not happening at all.

Still, it would be a total indictment of Trudeau’s energy policy, since he claimed the carbon tax and his environmental plan would stop the situation from getting this bad in the first place.

The dishonesty and incompetence of the Trudeau government may end up directly costing Canadians billions of dollars in addition to the many tens of billions lost already through the investment exodus, and it’s another sign that the Trudeau government can’t be trusted with governing our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Fred Van Vliet

Quick background check …


What could possibly be wrong?

Where does it start … where does it end?

Norbert Kausen

That Brainless IMBECILE will squander our tax dollars sovhis disgrace for a government can buy the pipeline?! He has NO business throwing away our money for such a delusional and reprehensible act!!! He is a complete ARSE!!! He NEEDS to be ousted from office… NOW!!!

Sewer Rat

I’m confident that his beautiful hair and amazing socks will save the day at the 11th hour.