WATCH: In New York, Trudeau Blames Harper Government For Current Illegal Border Crossing Crisis

How does he expect anyone to believe in this BS?

During a recent event in New York City, Justin Trudeau was asked about criticism he is getting from the Opposition (and millions of Canadians) over the escalating illegal border crossing crisis.

For just a moment, it seemed he would refuse to blame the Conservatives, as he started saying that he doesn’t engage in partisan politics outside the country.

But that only lasted a few seconds.

He then proceeded to blame the crisis on – you guessed it – the previous Conservative government, saying they didn’t “invest” enough.

Of course, the illegal border crossing crisis only surged when Trudeau irresponsibly tweeted that everyone was welcome in Canada, which was taken as a signal that the country wouldn’t turn anybody away – even (and especially it seems) if they entered Canada illegally.

Even briefing notes from the Trudeau government itself confirmed that Justin’s tweet was a big cause of the crisis, which is only getting worse as people realize the government is refusing to take action.

With over 99% of those who crossed illegally still in the country and getting access to work permits, housing, taxpayer funded services, and transport to their “preferred destination,” the Trudeau government has created massive incentives to cross illegally.

Yet, Trudeau is still pathetically trying to blame the Harper government for the problem, continuing his pathological inability to take responsibility for his actions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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