WATCH: In New York, Trudeau Blames Harper Government For Current Illegal Border Crossing Crisis

How does he expect anyone to believe in this BS?

During a recent event in New York City, Justin Trudeau was asked about criticism he is getting from the Opposition (and millions of Canadians) over the escalating illegal border crossing crisis.

For just a moment, it seemed he would refuse to blame the Conservatives, as he started saying that he doesn’t engage in partisan politics outside the country.

But that only lasted a few seconds.

He then proceeded to blame the crisis on – you guessed it – the previous Conservative government, saying they didn’t “invest” enough.

Of course, the illegal border crossing crisis only surged when Trudeau irresponsibly tweeted that everyone was welcome in Canada, which was taken as a signal that the country wouldn’t turn anybody away – even (and especially it seems) if they entered Canada illegally.

Even briefing notes from the Trudeau government itself confirmed that Justin’s tweet was a big cause of the crisis, which is only getting worse as people realize the government is refusing to take action.

With over 99% of those who crossed illegally still in the country and getting access to work permits, housing, taxpayer funded services, and transport to their “preferred destination,” the Trudeau government has created massive incentives to cross illegally.

Yet, Trudeau is still pathetically trying to blame the Harper government for the problem, continuing his pathological inability to take responsibility for his actions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tommy Hawk

Trudeau invented the “blame game,” so he has an ‘exit’ every time he lies, or intentionally ‘makes mistakes,’ or for any time he needs an ‘exit’ from a conversation of debate.

Tommy Hawkt

Howwath is simply being an NDP’er, so her actions and words are predictable.


This village idiot is a liar and he knows it.

James Macoun

The best part is he says he doesn’t do politics OVERSEAS, he is NEW YORK!!


There is a video of then PMSH, who predicated during the debate, that Justin Trudeau will open the borders for anyone to enter which I think Spencer you should have on your show as well on your site.


Trudeau cannot and will not take blame for his actions and like a bully, “I didn’t do it.” He has not growing up in the brain department and in the past 2 years has shown his immaturity and therefore is a danger to Canada.

Chaz Martel

The sad thing for Trudeau, is that nobody takes him seriously anymore, neither nationally nor internationally. In a couple of short years he went from glamour boy (in the eyes of some) to international buffoon.

Ben Eby

Like many Canadians, I am wondering if the people who voted this witless PM into office, are now cringing each time they open a newspaper, or check their cell phones for news……. because it is now a daily occurrence for the newly converted, as well as those who didn’t vote for him. His comments are not hit and miss between stupid and intelligible….they are consistently, incomprehensibly stupid, and that really does takes a special kind of talent.

old white guy

the tiny version of Trudeau senior is a disgrace. those who voted for him are a disgrace. Canada’s electoral system is broken when 39.42% OF THOSE WHO VOTED elect a majority government and those fools can do what ever they want to destroy the country, wow, the system is broken.

Mark Hathaway

Don’t believe a word that ass says, biggest liar ever. Can’t even watch him talk anymore.


Well, he can’t help himself, being a pathological liar!!!

Jennifer Smith

Harper was bang on about Trudeau. Trudeau is a narcisst and the fact he actually believes his own lies makes him the worst kind. He needs to be removed from office charged with treason along with the rest. No pension people need to speak up and take a stand.


Didn’t Trudeau just say in the video he doesn’t do politics overseas? Was it his clone then who gave 650 million dollars for abortion and reproductive “health” programs (which is another way of saying abortions) overseas? He’s so full of himself he can’t even lie very well.

Moe S.

The spring of 2017 #Welcome to Canada hashtag lead illegal immigrants from the U.S. to believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper was signaling that Canada has open borders. Then Harper set-up ‘visual cues’ to reassure over 20,000 illegal border crossers they made the right decision to break Canada’s immigration law. Visual-cues such as paved pathway over the ditch they would have to cross over; shelter, food, healthcare, legal aid, language classes, welfare payments at the same rate as Canadian citizens and RCMP valets to help with all those suitcases. It’s one thing to insult the intelligence of Canadian citizens. Insulting the… Read more »

Mike Sutherland

MOE.s what year are you in, 2017 Harper was not in office. Second the drama queen should be tossed out of office for breaking our laws. And most of all if you re-elect him then you are just as dumb as him. Mike S.

Moe S.

Mike, I was being sarcastic. We all know Stephen Harper was NOT the Prime Minister in 2017, however, Trudeau was literally lying through his teeth during the American interview, insinuating Harper was the PM who has allowed the illegal border crossers into Canada.

Bob Fry

The Quebec massive border crossing of Illegals, has not been curtailed in any way. The numbers grow each day as the summer period fast approaches us. Justin Trudeau is holding firmly behind a statement that Canada will honor it’s International commitments. This stance shows that he has know indent to make any chances to stop the flow. Sending your immigration Minister to Nigeria to tell them to curtail their citizens coming to Canada is a complete false task that will do nothing to curb the flow. The costs to Canadian Taxpayers is going to be huge and put more burden… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

This Clown Prince of Mediocrity, Turdeau, takes stupidity to a whole NEW level!!!


“I don’t do politics overseas”. Wasn’t this in New York?

James Cook

I have never seen anyone with this much bs in my whole life. He is the biggest liar going and can’t be trusted in anything. He is a coward, a little girl in an adult body, a liar, a complete disgrace to Canada, he is causing division in this country beyond measure, he is a terrorist lover, he hates Canada, and all the time will blame Harper for all his immature idiotic decisions, and now blaming Harper for the illegal terrorist coming across the border after he put the message out that every terrorist is welcomed in Canada. However, he… Read more »


Why shouldn’t he lie? The media – it seems- don’t “fact check ” him on any of his BS.