If Justin Trudeau Can Find $4.5 Billion To Nationalize A Pipeline, How Can He Say Canadian Veterans Are Asking For “More Than We’re Able To Give”?

How could anyone trust anything he says ever again?

When Justin Trudeau told Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk – who lost a leg serving our nation in Afghanistan – that Canadian Veterans are “asking for more than we’re able to give right now,” there was massive outrage across our country.

After Trudeau had spent money so freely, it was absurd for him to all of a sudden get tight-fisted when it comes to helping our Veterans.

After all, Trudeau seems fine spending tons of money on payouts to terrorists, so why would he have a problem giving our brave Veterans what they deserve?

His broken set of priorities and rampant dishonesty is a big part of why he’s losing support in the polls.

And now, more questions are being asked after Trudeau’s decision to Nationalize the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Justin Trudeau expects Canadians to believe that he could somehow afford to spend $4.5 billion taxpayer dollars (the final cost will be many billions higher) to buy a pipeline, but he couldn’t afford to help our Veterans?


Even worse, the fact that the government had to bail out Texas-based Kinder Morgan is due to the Trudeau government’s failed policies in the first place. Their ‘social license’ lie has been totally exposed, and their failure to support the energy industry and create a good environment for investment is now costing taxpayers billions.

Yet, Trudeau magically (actually massive debt increases) found the money for a Nationalization, yet refused to find the money to help our Veterans.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s another reason Trudeau has no business holding office in our great nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Werner

Darned good point!!! Not only to have enough for the injured vets but also for 1st Nations areas that require clean water supply. Just where is he getting, not just 4.5 BILLION!, but where is he going to get the remaining 7.5BILLION PLUS in order to complete AND operate this pipeline. Now the govt needs to create another crown corporation to operate and maintain it PLUS they still have to create the spill response measure in case there is a catastrophe on the coast. That issue hasn’t gone away at all. Oh how the liberal mainstream medis screwed up by… Read more »


it wasn’t the liberal msm that voted for him, it was the idiots in the east.

david mcgee

100% correct he is a putz a dumb one at that.

Ed R Peebles

Justin Inherited an ACCUTE PERSPECTUAL HANDICAPP,,, he can’t always tell the difference Between his A hole and a hole in the Ground !



I guess we (Canadians Money) buy it, then we shut it down, or sell it to China!

david mcgee

Don’t forget the sale price will be at a huge loss.


Your right Spencer, hopefully this maniac will be a one term PM.


Spencer, This move by trudo is nothing more than his attempt at ‘nationalizing’ Alberta’s oil & gas industry & take over the the resource industries of the western provinces. Ottawa & the east have always regretted the agreement they made when the west agreed to become provinces. They looked at the west & only saw prairie & trees, nothing they thought they wanted or needed as they had their own. Once Alberta & much of the west was found to have this resource ottawa has been trying to take as much of it as they can through transfers & ‘equalization’.… Read more »


I can’t understand what anyone in this country could possibly find to continue to support this half wit. Governments should not be in the business of operating business. They should be in the business of looking after the needs of the people. We have homeless, injured veterans, reserves without drinking water, hungry, sick and on and on. But this guy is throwing billions at other countries, creating immigration nightmares that are putting strain on our medical system and housing cost and welfare costs for illegal immigrants. The list of stupid decisions seems endless. He needs to call an election now!

Maureen Henderson

Amen to that , he has to go now.

Steve Ford

Again………as in the USA….it was the people that put Bill Clinton in power. It was the people that elected Obama, and look where we are at today as the result. Same – same – all you Canadians up there…..your the ones that put that “3-bit” youngster in office, and you all fell…..”hook-line-and sinker for his rhetoric. When things turn sour, we cannot just run him our of office……we are forced to wait out his sordid term and then go do more heart searching for what common sense may be left. OR….some really strong activist can began a “re-call” petition. That… Read more »

paul collinson

When you say all Canadians we your misinformed , I’m in the west Edmonton ,Alberta. And there wasn’t much liberal fan’s here and still is .
Housewives and the easily manipulated like young people in universities and young potheads as Well, everyone else East of Manitoba to the Maritimes .Lol
I’m just hoping that people will finally see that this P.M talks a good game but REALLY doesn’t have a clue how to play . Throws our tax money around the world and doesn’t care about Canadians or our culture .

Bob Fry

Unbelievable, just Unbelievable what happened today, that the Justin Trudeau Liberal party would come up with this completely idiotic plan. I read that Bill Morneau was a light weight by standards of the Bay Street Boys Club. This Liberal Government had 2 years to resolve all inter provincial issues, but NO they had to wait until Kinder Morgan set a final date as their financial backers were ready to pull the pin on this project. Wonderful just Wonderful the Taxpayer is now on the hook for the total cost to build this twinning pipeline. The $ 4.5 Billion Dollars is… Read more »


Maybe the Liberals should put in as much money into vets’ annual pensions as the previous government did – that suit you?

old white guy

Canada does not really have money for vets, immigrants, or pipe lines. They are going to borrow that money and then print currency to cover it. They will continue to inflate the dollar so that the bills are paid with our devalued currency. It is just one more reason why Canada will fail.


This may sound cruel but I don’t think so. Why do you think he is sending them to MALI? Do you really think that jihadi Justin is interested in their safety, of course not. And if they die over there well, more money for him to play around with. Since jihadi trudeau is welcoming and supporting ISIS ANS TERRORISTS, so you actually for one sec believe that he gives a dam about our safety? Why then do you think he gives a dam about our troops in MALI? What’s shocking, is that the veterans who screamed and perform against PMSH… Read more »

Kim Bruce

Trudeau has the $4.5 billion needed because he is stealing it from our Canada Pension plan. The Liberals can screw up a dog’s breakfast if given half the chance.

Terry M

You all will be glad to know that we will probably pay for Justin’s folly through our CPP funds. Morneau threw that one out there a week or so ago.

Ron Werner

And gas prices will still go up to pay for this fiasco.
And IF and WHEN any profits are recorded it better be transparent as a clear sunny day as to WHO is getting those profits!! Or even if they sell it and make a profit, or worse, they sell it for a loss.
You can bet there will be some Liberals and Liberal friends become very wealthy over all of this and not a thing will be done about it.


Of course he has no money for our Veterans, he just donated $25 million to Hamas for weapons to attack Israel. I think his total support for Hamas terrorists is now something around $500 million. I could be wrong.

Don Taylor

who is going to pay all the legal challenges in court,you guessed it right ,we the ignorant Taxpayer,plus we have to pay this ignorant ,arrogant ahole $ 340,ooo.00 plus, plus, plus per year for him to this to us,he is out to break our country so we will become part of the New World Order after all he has admitted to being A Globalist

Jill Ward

the simple reason is, our VETS, CAnada, our economy, our freedoms, our democracy aren’t justin trudeau’s priority nor are we canadians. Whatever serves him, his agenda and his special people are his ONLY prioritiis! Also, we don’t have any one with any balls, courage, honour or patriotism to stop him- and that includes those who are paid to keep him in line! WHERE DID ALL OUR BRAVE, HONOURABLE MEN GO???????

Jill Ward

Wonder where all the left/antifa terrorists will go now that their leader has okay’d the pipeline?
I guess he still is going to give our money to the current owners of this company for all the inconvenience and damage caused by trudeaus thugs to keep it from being built??

Steven Harnois

What a sorry,lying excuse for a Prime Minister. Even sorrier excuse for a human being. I don’t know how this man sleeps at night. It is obvious that the general public are only cash cows to him. Isn’t government supposed to be by the people and for the people. Not personal agendas by rich kids whose only claim to fame rests on their parents achievements.

Tommy Hawk

You and I — and I suspect most of Canada, as well as the world — are very well aware that nothing Trudeau utters has merit — refusing to respect our veterans and elderly and, instead grandstanding on the world stage, is not only immature, counterproductive — however, in his simple mind he feels that any comment, at any moment, about anything, is an example of his capability to ‘manage’ money — don’t ever forget those famous words: “The budget will balance itself.” Anyone who could utter such an inane comment with a straight face is undoubtedly simple-minded.


A PM who takes the time to have us look at his socks, running around as his did at a wedding, so shallow, a married man calling himself a feminist while having female groupies chase him for his photos, so shallow. All the while making a joke of the Shawinigan Handshake criminal assault matter, all the while having been extremely verbally abusive of an MP in the House while physically manhandling the MP. Anyone else in a normal job would have been fired long ago and investigated by the police. Frankly I wonder do the police while going after others… Read more »