If Justin Trudeau Can Find $4.5 Billion To Nationalize A Pipeline, How Can He Say Canadian Veterans Are Asking For “More Than We’re Able To Give”?

How could anyone trust anything he says ever again?

When Justin Trudeau told Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk – who lost a leg serving our nation in Afghanistan – that Canadian Veterans are “asking for more than we’re able to give right now,” there was massive outrage across our country.

After Trudeau had spent money so freely, it was absurd for him to all of a sudden get tight-fisted when it comes to helping our Veterans.

After all, Trudeau seems fine spending tons of money on payouts to terrorists, so why would he have a problem giving our brave Veterans what they deserve?

His broken set of priorities and rampant dishonesty is a big part of why he’s losing support in the polls.

And now, more questions are being asked after Trudeau’s decision to Nationalize the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Justin Trudeau expects Canadians to believe that he could somehow afford to spend $4.5 billion taxpayer dollars (the final cost will be many billions higher) to buy a pipeline, but he couldn’t afford to help our Veterans?


Even worse, the fact that the government had to bail out Texas-based Kinder Morgan is due to the Trudeau government’s failed policies in the first place. Their ‘social license’ lie has been totally exposed, and their failure to support the energy industry and create a good environment for investment is now costing taxpayers billions.

Yet, Trudeau magically (actually massive debt increases) found the money for a Nationalization, yet refused to find the money to help our Veterans.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s another reason Trudeau has no business holding office in our great nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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