Trans Mountain Nationalization Exposes Trudeau’s ‘Social License’ Lie Once And For All

Justin Trudeau said that the carbon tax and his environmental policies were necessary to get the private energy sector moving. Instead, taxpayers are paying $4.5 billion to bail out and own the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline, and we still have the hated carbon tax.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals used to like talking about ‘social license.’

The idea is that the right policies could generate support within communities and different levels of government for energy sector projects, part of Trudeau’s claim that only he could ‘balance’ the economy and the environment.

Trudeau used the claim to attack the Conservatives, falsely claiming that they didn’t get any pipelines approved, even though a simple Google search shows otherwise.

However, as the Trudeau government has spent more time in power, the struggles of getting pipeline projects going in Canada – despite the widely-hated carbon tax being imposed on Canadians, and despite new environmental regulations – had caused many to doubt Justin Trudeau’s ‘social license’ claims.

Now, the Nationalization of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline has exposed those claims as total lies.

If Trudeau was right about ‘social license,’ Canadian taxpayers wouldn’t be on the hook for $4.5 billion to buy the pipeline from Kinder Morgan.

The fact that we have to buy the pipeline shows that Kinder Morgan didn’t think it could succeed, or thought the financial risk was too great. If the government had been right about their ‘social license’ claims, Kinder Morgan would have gone ahead with the project, and wouldn’t have needed $4.5 billion to offload it.

So, we yet again see that Justin Trudeau used lies to sell an unpopular policy. The carbon tax was never really about ‘social license’ or the environment, it was about ripping more money out of the hands of Canadian taxpayers.

The truth is that getting the energy sector going doesn’t require a carbon tax or new regulations. It requires a government that actually believes in Canadian energy, and that is willing to stand up for the Canadian energy industry against the foreign-funded groups trying to destroy it.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Werner

If the Liberals weren’t shoving all this climate change, sorry, MAN CAUSED climate change down our throats, perhaps more people would have been in favour of the pipeline. Can’t denounce oil and then expect people to support selling it!

Fred Dimmick

Currently, there is only one acceptable solution to continuous liberal lunacy. KICK THEM OUT !


NEP 2.0 ! Peter pans father would have done the same . Makes one wonder if the
nationalization of Canadian energy will end here or continue on as Pierre was so fond of.
Whats next ? Buy out an LNG plant or why fool around with small operations when the feds could just buy the oil sands in there entirety and control it until they run it into the ground and stick the tax payers with the bill.

old white guy

They are communists. Look for more of this, and the eventual destruction of the entire economy ie Venezuela.


So now thanks to the Communists in the Liberal Party we are paying for the pipeline which private sector was willing to build.

russ browne

There is a double standard, Trudeau would not let the pipeline be built into eastern Canada by putting in environmental tests, but is pushing the Burnaby pipeline to export dilbit (which if there is a spill sinks to the bottom and kills everything). Quebec and the Maritimes continue to get billions of dollars transferred to them mostly from Alberta but because Canada’s spoiled child Quebec did not want the pipeline into eastern Canada and Turd gets his political support from them he stopped the eastern pipeline but the eastern hypocrites will continue to suck billions in transfer payments from the… Read more »


We could have been a great independent nation but the politicians want to subjugate us all.


The Nanny State just bought a pipeline.
The feds, the province, and communist China couldn’t be happier.

Pierrie Trudeau – NEP 1.0
Justin Trudeau – NEP 2.0


This 4.5 billion is totally unnecessary if he had the balls to deal with the illegal protesters. He just added 4.5 billion more to our debt. This is borrowed money to prop up a multi million dollar company that was willing to pay for the pipeline but no Trudeau has to spend our money because he has no balls.


Unfortunately Canada has certified idiots running the show. Ottawa, Ontario, Alberta, and BC.
God help us.


…so let me get this straight.
The Libs orchastrate to block and obstruct the pipeline construction by private developers.
Then their solution is to buy and control the pipeline.
Well that worked out well for them.

Nationalization 2.0
from Trudeau 2.0


KM did a hell of a job manipulating Trudeau and Horgan. They got used. KM has to be admired as smart business people, getting Soros, the Rockefellers, the Packard Foundation and others to hire and fund Tides Canada, dogwood, someofus, 360.0rg, goodearth and other enviro-zealots, contributing millions to the BC economy. Was this part of Horgan’s plan all along? With investment billions abandoning Canada, Trudeau was forced to do something to try to save his hide. When done, and at present prices, the sale of oil at world prices will bring in an extra $10 million every day, $70 million… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau the arrogant liar has from the beginning had only one objective and that was to phase out the oil industry. All of these deceitful actions, such as reforming the NEB, adding strangulating regulations,social licence, increasing taxes and adding a national carbon tax. These were just a diversion which allowed him to shutdown the oil industry , so he could nationalize it, just like his father tried to do with his version, “The National Energy Plan”. Which also took the better part of a decade to sell off. Trudeau, from day one has had an obligation to support , not… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Top photo: So Trudeau really thinks he’s Clark Kent / Superman? Talk about a Freudian slip! He’ll save the country, save the environment, save the oil industry… Delusional narcissist.

Perhaps mild-mannered Justin should consider a more appropriate career, such as co-hosting ‘CTV Your Morning’. JT can substitute for a vacationing Ben Mulroney; nobody would notice the difference.

We don’t need a substitute Prime Minister.


None of that money will pay for the re-building nor expansion of the pipelines even nthough an existing pipelines is already there since the 70s. The repayment for buying that pipe line will come from us, probably, from western Canadians, not from Quebec nor any province that is Justin Trudeau’s major voting blocks. Justin despises Alberta and he will do every thing in his power to stop the flow of our oil or make it very difficult for it to flow, the cost alone to flow through will be so expensive making it hard for us to live by the… Read more »