WATCH: Poilievre Shreds Trudeau Liberals Over $4.5 BILLION Hit To Taxpayers From Trans Mountain Pipeline Debacle

How did we go from Kinder Morgan investing billions in Canada to the government giving billions to Kinder Morgan asks Poilievre.

The Trudeau Liberals are desperately trying to get credit for Nationalizing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline.

They want people to think it’s some sort of success.

It’s not.

Instead, it’s a failure, representing the fact that Canada’s reputation as a good place for investment has been totally decimated because of Trudeau’s policies and failed leadership.

And that’s exactly what Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre recently pointed out in Question Period.

Poilievre noted that Kinder Morgan was once prepared to invest $7 billion in Canada, to expand their 60-year-old Pipeline.

But now, not only is Kinder Morgan not going to spend that $7 billion in Canada, the Trudeau government will be giving the Texas-based US company $4.5 billion. That money will be used by Kinder Morgan to expand projects outside Canada, projects that will compete with our Canadian energy industry.

And that $4.5 billion isn’t for the pipeline to be expand, it’s only to get the existing 60-year-old pipeline Nationalized. The government will be spending many billions more of our taxpayer dollars to build the expansion – if it even gets built.

That truth shows how this is such an epic failure by the Trudeau government, and no amount of spin from Moneybags Morneau can change that.

Watch the Poilievre vs Moneybags exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

Poilievre May well the Trudeau Liberals in the House of Commons but its a theatre of the absurd, full of sound and fury signifying nothing, as the Liberals with a majority thumb their noses at Poilievre and the Conservatives.

Ron Voss

Poilievre may well have shred…….

Joanne Thauberger

You are right. The Liberals do whatever they like. A prime example is how Trudeau told the Chief Electoral Officer to go ahead and make the changes to our voting procedures when they hadn’t even been taken to parliament or voted on yet. I know he has told his party to just do what he says and not to question him; but surely this doesn’t apply to all of parliament. I am betting, and have been for two years now, that there won’t even be a vote to enable us to remove this dictator from office in 2018. How is… Read more »

A.A. Burley

Have a closer look at the video. Ever seen such a bunch of Zombies. No nodding up and down, no smiling.Nothing, except for the animated conversation behind Moneybags between the two male MP’s. Where is Barbie?


I am so sick of this liberal government and can’t wait for election day to (hopefully) vote them out. Can’t imagine how bad it will get if they win another term. Also, my MP is the clown Elizabeth May, who vows to keep protesting. The liberals and the greens must go.

Sewer Rat

So, instead of having 7 billion dollars invested in Canada, the liberals decided that it would be better if 12.5 billion dollars left the economy.

Bob McCloy

These Trudope traitors are intent on bankrupting Canada and are showing their total idiocy in the process!

old white guy

This move guarantees the pipe line will never be built. Canada just paid a 4.5 billion cancelation fee.


The government just nationalized the oil and gas industry. I hate to say it, but it’s looking more and more like Atlas shrugged in Canada, from the oilfields to the resource mines and forests and even the railroads to places like Churchill, the people in government think it is theirs to control. It is time to face the music here, we are going to be a country like Venezuela within 10 years. The writing is on the wall. We have been economically weakened by a socialist leaning political establishment hell-bent on destroying the last vestiges of freedom left in this… Read more »


Trudeau now owns the existing pipeline and they can shut that down any time they want. He has no obligation to build the proposed expansion. $11.5 BILLION now sent out of Canada, never to come back. Trudeau and Horgan are blatantly advertising to the entire world that Canada is NOT a safe place to invest. Why do they have so much hatred for Canada? Is Soros controlling Horgan? Could Trudeau be selling the pipeline to his Communist Chinese donors, after all, they have a big investment in Canada’s oil industry? Should that happen, China would have every legal right to… Read more »


“imagine a few thousand Communist Chinese soldiers along the entire right of way”. Scary, but with IQ80 at the wheel it’s a distinct possibility.

Dave Price

this proves that turdo does not what he is doing as if it is just a big game with someone else’s money…


Absolutely unbelievable. The action, or should I say inaction, of this alleged gov’t is beyond belief. The bottom line is simply that the pipeline will never be built. Perhaps Alberta and Saskatchewan should just turn off the tap to the east and listen to the howls from the east.


The east and west political divide just keeps getting more and more polar, yes there is good that the pipeline is going to go through, but no it is not good that the spend-free Liberals will have another cash cow in the future… I mean the Liberals may get in another term in 2019, but inevitably if they don’t there will be another time for their reign… If they do get power in 2019 it will be based on the fact that the Liberals bought Kinder Morgan and Employed Canadians (probably mostly Albertans and British Colombians) and increased work/employment in… Read more »

David MacKAY

After being elected Justin Trudeau Shut Down two badly needed pipelines frustrating Oil exports as swell as foreign purchases of Canadian Oil. Trudeau blocked expansion of the Transmountian pipeline frustrating both Energy development and export of Albert and Saskatchewan Oil. Trudeau had expressed a desire to shut down the Tar sands before becoming Prime minister. Alberta’s Premiere Notley is on record as saying Oil should be left in the ground and on another occasion Notley said “we wont get reelected and we want to ensure the changes we make cannot be undone”. Now after backing those blocking its expansion Justin… Read more »