WATCH: Poilievre Shreds Trudeau Liberals Over $4.5 BILLION Hit To Taxpayers From Trans Mountain Pipeline Debacle

How did we go from Kinder Morgan investing billions in Canada to the government giving billions to Kinder Morgan asks Poilievre.

The Trudeau Liberals are desperately trying to get credit for Nationalizing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline.

They want people to think it’s some sort of success.

It’s not.

Instead, it’s a failure, representing the fact that Canada’s reputation as a good place for investment has been totally decimated because of Trudeau’s policies and failed leadership.

And that’s exactly what Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre recently pointed out in Question Period.

Poilievre noted that Kinder Morgan was once prepared to invest $7 billion in Canada, to expand their 60-year-old Pipeline.

But now, not only is Kinder Morgan not going to spend that $7 billion in Canada, the Trudeau government will be giving the Texas-based US company $4.5 billion. That money will be used by Kinder Morgan to expand projects outside Canada, projects that will compete with our Canadian energy industry.

And that $4.5 billion isn’t for the pipeline to be expand, it’s only to get the existing 60-year-old pipeline Nationalized. The government will be spending many billions more of our taxpayer dollars to build the expansion – if it even gets built.

That truth shows how this is such an epic failure by the Trudeau government, and no amount of spin from Moneybags Morneau can change that.

Watch the Poilievre vs Moneybags exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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