Ontario Has A 99% Risk Of An Economic Crisis If The NDP Gains Power

The combination of an investment collapse and massive credit rating downgrades would cause a devastating economic crisis in Canada’s largest province.

Ontario is facing severe economic problems.

The insane cost of energy, the highest sub-national debt on earth, and people being crushed under an escalating tax burden are all a recipe for disaster.

The thing about debt, and what makes it so dangerous, is that it can seem sustainable until the very moment that it isn’t.

And when that moment hits, it’s too late.

That’s what happened in Greece, where their massive debt seemed like no problem at all and the economy was moving along decently, until confidence was lost and the economy fell into a horrendous crisis it still hasn’t emerged from.

It’s the same with investment. A slow outflow of investment can seem like a manageable problem, but it has a cumulative effect. As more and more businesses see investment leaving for more prosperous places and decide to leave themselves, the trickle can turn into a flood.

And that’s why the possibility of the socialist NDP gaining power in Ontario is so dangerous.

While the Ontario NDP claims to want change, they are actually proposing to take all of Kathleen Wynne’s worst policies and make them even worse.

If they won power, energy prices would skyrocket even more, debt levels would explode, and the tax burden would reach obscene levels.

That would cause investment to flee even faster, and it would result in severe credit rating downgrades.

In turn, that would lead to a debt-spiral, as the higher costs of servicing the debt would lead to more debt, thus leading to a higher cost of servicing that debt, and around and around. Because of that, more and more money would be taken up with debt payments, meaning that the NDP would actually end up cutting healthcare, education, infrastructure, and social services spending while massively raising taxes.

It would be devastating.

It would be a serious Economic Crisis for the people of Ontario, and for all Canadians considering the importance of Ontario to our national economy.

If the NDP wins, there’s a 99% chance that will happen.

What about that other 1% you may be wondering?

Well, it’s always possible that Justin Trudeau’s policies will have already pushed Canada into a recession/economic crisis before the NDP can do all their damage.

So, if the NDP wins there’s a 99% chance they will cause an Economic Crisis and a 1% chance Trudeau will already have caused the crisis. But even in that case, the NDP would make it worse.

The risk is huge. You can share this article to help warn everyone you know.

Spencer Fernando

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So very true Spencer. I have probably become a bad neighbour as our street seems to have all NDP, Lieberal and Green political signs, and stupidly I as nicely as I can, as they pass my house and talk for a bit, I try to explain how far in debt this province is, and how afraid I am of these terrible high spending politicians, and that we must be very careful about who we vote in, or we will end up bankrupt, without any jobs to go to, etc.. how all the illegal border crossings people invited by Trudeau will… Read more »


I am too running into this Problem and Myself the Messenger being Attacked…The Problem is We are now in a different “Timeline” the NDP cannot be in Office..but people in Unions refuse to budge..Others are NDPers for every election refusing to listen, or to do their research…and at this point if anyone votes Liberal I question their Brains…

Ted Williams

Ontario has 100% risk of higher debt, deficits and major program cuts to necessary services like health education social services and roads bridges emergency services like police and fire if Doug Ford elected
Doug has no fiscal room to move other than through program cuts to balance the budget

Mel Kozun

More NDP fear mongering …. Their “platform” is TERRIFYING!! Blatant math errors already. NO costs for Horwath’s harbouring fugitives program …. All pixie dust, unicorn farts and saddling our children and great-grandchildren with suffocating debt …


Saving money by making things more “efficient” is different than “cuts”.
We’ve seen what Liberals have done, and the history of NDP cut throats that will do and say anything to get elected. Doug Ford has a proven track record in Toronto and has saved a boat load of money for you and I. A vote for any one else is “at your own risk”.

Tommy Hawk

As usual, Spencer, timely and accurate — however, I do have one tiny disagreement with your comments and conclusion and that is that personally, I would put the potential at, instead of 99%, 99.9%.

Ron Voss

If the NDP is elected, one then could only conclude that the Ontario electorate are masochists or that most of them are employed by unions.


Absolutely…People refuse to do their Research …Refuse…and in that they are Damaging their Children, Themselves all because they have traditionally voted NDP but we are in a different Time with different Issues…NDP will ruin Ontario…Horvath will make Ontario Open Season Open Borders..and Sharia Law follows..

David G Willson

Looks like this article was written by a true blue supporter of the PC party.
As usual, when one’s party of choice is falling behind there are articles aimed at putting fear into the voting public.
It makes no difference who gets into power, the damage has already been done with the debt load we are carrying.
The only way out of this mess is for all the parties to put platforms aside and work together to make Ontario the province of opportunity it once was.

Mel Kozun

Looks like this response was written by a true blue supporter of the OntarioNDP …..

Mel Kozun

I disagree …… It’s 100%!!!!